The Key to Yourself

Unlock the full potential of your DNA

Our purpose in life is to be a unique expression of self-love. What makes it so difficult to experience life this way? It comes down to making the correct decisions.

Do you know how to make decisions?

Wrong decisions can lead to:

  • Feeling a lack of purpose, fulfillment, and self-love in life
  • Getting frustrated, angry, bitter or disappointed
  • Difficulties with relationships
  • Needing to deal with health problems and financial struggles

Does some of this sound familiar to you?

That is NOT how life is supposed to be! Life isn’t meant to be full of suffering.

We can guide you to make correct decisions

ultimately leading to:

  • Finding your purpose in life
  • Being satisfied, successful with what you do and having inner peace and a life full of surprises
  • Correct and fulfilling relationships
  • Improvement of your life quality
  • Finding your inner authority

And there is more! You will learn how you mechanically operate, how you are impacted by others and how you impact them. Ultimately you will be able to unlock your full potential and live your life as yourself with the greatest gift of all: more love for yourself.

Are you ready for a change?


We offer services to support you in your processes of minimizing the resistance in your life, self-discovery and to unlock your full potential. You are here to live a life with purpose and truly be satisfied, recognized in peace and full of surprises.

For all services, your exact birth date, time and place is required.

Living Your Design

LYD is a cellular transformation class to support you in your experimentation and deconditioning process. We will have a more in-depth look at your design, what is reliable within yourself and where you get conditioned by others. How you let go of old patterns to limit the resistance in your life. You will get weekly tasks to support you to incorporate the knowledge of your design into your daily life more and more.

What will be covered:
  • The basic concept of Human Design, a brief history lesson of our evolution as humans, and the construct of the BodyGraph.
  • The four Types
    For each type:

    • How the aura mechanically works.
    • Not-Self – the theme of resistance.
    • Strategy – how to honor and benefit from the mechanics of your aura.
    • Signature – the potential of each type.
  • The nine Centers in detail, how they operate if they are Defined or Open.
  • Definitions – how you are designed to process information.
  • Authorities – how to determine what is correct for you.

You will get the understanding needed to recognize how you impact the other, and how other people conditions you, how to limit the resistance in your life, and start observing what works for you!

Requirement: Living Your Design book, order here.
Included: Recording of sessions and study material.

8-week Online Workshop – 8 classes each 1.5 hours


Observing the Transits

While we are traveling through space and time, billions and billions of neutrinos are passing through us each second. These neutrinos have a mass, and what that means is that they impact us when they pass through our bodies. The neutrino field carries information from the planets. Thanks to Human Design, we can read and understand how we get impacted each moment by the planetary program.
Knowing how you get impacted by the neutrino ocean and the planetary program is of great value! It helps you recognize how you are conditioned and what energies distracts you from what you actually can trust – your definition.
This Session will support you to start observing the planetary transits!
  • Recording of session
  • Ephemeris for the next three months
  • Planetary Overview
  • Rave Mandala with Harmonic Gates
  • Rave Manala wheel table (Also known as Moon cycle chart)


Personal Session

With this session, firstly, and most importantly, we help you recognize what is reliable within yourself. In other words, what you can trust! Secondly, how you are here to meet life as yourself. Therefore minimize the resistance and align with your purpose in life. Thirdly, we will help you recognize where you take in others – what you can’t trust.

In conclusion, we will introduce you to the essence of your unique design. And support you in making decisions as yourself. Above all, Experimenting with your unique design is a life-changing experience!

What is covered:
  • Introduction to the map (the BodyGraph).
  • What you identify with and your unconscious parts. (Personality and Design).
  • How your aura mechanically operates. (Your Type).
  • What creates resistance in your life. (Not-Self).
  • How to make decisions. (Strategy and Authority).
  • What you can trust within yourself. (Your Definition, Channels, and Gates).
  • Your role in life (Profile).
  • Where you meet the other and have the potential to become wise. (Your Openness).
  • Your BodyGraph.
  • Recording of the session.
  • 20 minutes of Q&A.


Relationship Session

Knowing how you impact and get conditioned by the other will help you minimize the resistance in a relationship. With this session, it will get more comfortable for you to accept each other and support each other through your journey of self-discovery.

What is covered:
  • What are your similarities?
  • What are your differences?
  • How do you take in the other?
  • How the other take in you?
  • What are your challenges?
  • How you can support each other!
  • Recording of the session.
  • Relationship chart.
  • 20 min Questions and Answers

(Personal sessions required)


Are you ready?

What is Human Design?

Human Design is the science of differentiation and a logical system that describes how we humans mechanically operate.  Knowing your unique design helps you to understand what you can trust within yourself and how you take in and get conditioned by life.

Human Design gives us a language for our internal life and that helps us to empower, share and support each other with insights from our unique authority.

Being human means we are limited to our form. But when we honor it we will experience a fulfilled life by just being. Ultimately we are here to experience passenger consciousness.

The BodyGraph

The BodyGraph is the map that shows us your unique design. Based on astrological calculations we get two sets of data, one in black that represents our Personality. It is what we identify with. The Personality is imprinted the moment you were separated from your mother.
The second set of data in red represents your body, your unconscious Design. It is energy you can’t see it in the now you can only notice it after it emerged. Your Design is imprinted approximately 88 days before you were born.

When we combine these two sets of data into the BodyGraph we get the complete map.

The Design and Personality are held together by a magnetic monopole. The magnetic monopole is the driver of the vehicle and knows where to go. When we make Not-Self decisions we make decisions only based on Personality and we basically ignore the intelligence of the body which leads to a lot of resistance and a life lacking purpose. With the help of Human Design and the BodyGraph, we are able to distinguish your unique Strategy and Authority. With this information, you can start to experiment.
Can you minimize the resistance and find purpose and fulfillment by honoring your Design?
It is your journey to find out.

Ra Uru Hu

Ra Uru Hu was the messenger of the Human Design System. In January 1987 he had a mystical encounter with something he referred to as “the voice”. After his own experimentation, he started to teach Human Design. He would always tell his students: “Don’t trust me, don’t believe in me, find out for yourself”. Ra Uru Hu spent 24 years to share his knowledge and passed away in March 2011.

Human Design has been tested and validated by thousands. The magic of this system is that you don’t need to believe anything, you can try it out for yourself. What is your unique authority? What is your unique Design?

The Human Design System is trademarked and copyrighted to Jovian Archive Inc.

About Us

We are Pontus and Kezia two 5/1 Reflectors, born on the same day in the same year but into two different families.
2010 we met online through a mutual friend who was attending the same Human Design class as Pontus. Later that year we met in person on a Human Design Reflektor Retreat in Italy. 2011 we moved in together and our journey started. We now are living near Stockholm with our son Leon Phoenix, a 1/3 Manifesting Generator, who was born in 2015 and our dog Elvis.

Our personal Human Design journeys and experiments started in 2008 (Pontus) and at the beginning of 2010 (Kezia) and are going on ever since.
We both saw the huge potential of the Human Design System as a tool for our passion to support people on their own journey of self-discovery. We’ve now been supporting people with the Human Design System since 2011.

Pontus and Kezia are certified Living Your Design Guides by the International Human Design School.

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