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The Key to Yourself

Unlock the full potential of your DNA

The Key to YourselfThe Key to YourselfThe Key to Yourself

Love being you!

The Key to Yourself offers services to support YOU to make self-empowered decisions, leading to self-fulfillment and self-love!

You don’t need to regret life-changing decisions concerning relationships, family, marriage, children, work, investments, and where to travel or live.

We guide you to what you can trust inside of yourself. So you can make reliable and correct decisions that limit the resistance in your life.

Correct decisions lead to satisfaction, recognition, peace, and surprises! And ultimately you find your purpose in life.

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Human Design can help you recognize what makes you unique!

Honoring your uniqueness enriches your inner life so you can feel at ease and at peace with yourself.

We are souls with a human experience, being of dark matter in a bioform traveling with an incredible speed spiraling through the universe. And on our journey, trillions and trillions of neutrinos pass through us each second.

The neutrino ocean we live in carries information from the universe and our solar system. You get conditioned by the planets but also by the people you meet in life through your openness.

Become more aware, wiser, and master your mind!

Your openness is where you take life in, but it isn’t reliable and something you can trust for decision-making! Your openness amplifies the people you meet and without awareness, you can easily identify with what is not yours and carried away making not-self decisions!

Resulting in you meeting resistance, feeling frustrated, bitter, angry, and disappointed. That is not how your life is supposed to be!

The magic of us is that we attract everything that is correct for us when we honor our uniqueness.

When you operate correctly your openness becomes your greatest source of wisdom and your mind an ally as it begins to see what is true for you!

The time for accepting the limitation is now!

At this point in space and time, acceptance of the limitation of this illusion is something that we are all are facing. It is through honoring the intelligence of our form that we can transcend the limitation and live a self-fulfilled and self-empowered life!

Living your design minimizes the drama and resistance in your life! It gives you the gift of interacting as yourself with your family, partner, children, co-workers, and friends.

Life always comes with challenges, but with each step you take as yourself you will grow as yourself and recognize, you are enough as yourself and you are all you ever needed.

But you can know for sure, what is correct for you!

Let us empower you to reconnect with yourself again, are you ready to unlock your full potential?


The Key to Yourself offers services for newcomers and anyone that are ready to get deeper into their experiment or needs support recognizing their uniqueness.

Paroxus is a 5/1 Reflector with the gift to guide you back to yourself and empower you in a sustainable direction!

He has a gift of recognizing the needs of others and with his sensitive approach provides the space you need to discover what makes you unique.

*Unfortunately, bookings are unavailable until the end of August.


Introduction Reading
Introduction Reading
Living Your Design
Living Your Design

Can a map written by the stars reveal what makes you unique?

Your map written by the stars
Human Design System is the science of differentiation and a revolutionary tool for self-discovery!

You do not need to believe in any of this because you can validate the system through your own experimentation.

What is your truth? There has never been a more important time to know!
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Human Design

Thanks to Human Design System we can support you to make decisions as yourself, but how does it work? What is the source of the system? How can you read the map of your internal life?

Learn about the foundation of the Human Design System, how the BodyGraph functions, about the Centers, Channels, Gates, the Types, and Ra Uru Hu.

About The Key to Yourself

Kezia and Paroxus are the owners of the Key to Yourself, and they met each other on 10th October 2010 on the first Reflector Retreat ever hosted.

They are both born on the 1st of February 1984, around 9 hours apart as 5/1 Reflectors on the Left Angle Cross of Refinement.

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