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Human Design Ajna Center

The Ajna Center

The Center of Thinking - Conceptualizing

Biological Associations: Anterior and Posterior Pituitary Gland

It is in the Ajna Center is where we find our mental awareness and our ability to think and conceptualize. Thanks to that we humans conquered the world and even traveled to the moon.

Now, the mind can come up with answers for our questions, be a great inspiration for the other and an outer authority! But it’s not our inner authority! Why is that? It doesn’t have access to the awareness of the body and what the body has the energy to take care of!

The mind can be pressured, but it doesn’t have access to energy to manifest ideas. That means that the thoughts, the concepts we have in our mind aren’t meant for our own decision-making. It is meant to be shared when asked and be an outer authority for the other.

If you get recognized for having valuable opinions, ideas, or unique insights, you have the potential to empower the other to improve their way of using their energy, or stimulate others through storytelling, or possibly share the details that are needed to establish a better pattern for the future. All of those aspects are only valuable for the other if it is recognized as an outer authority. It is never the inner authority of the being.

With that said, the other can still respond to do something regarding the ideas, details, or insights. But for that to be possible, the other needs to recognize your outer authority and ask for it, and for that to happen, you need to recognize what is your inner authority, and it ain’t your mind.

One more thing, the more you manage to contain your ideas and not act upon them, the more you will contain life within yourself. The more, it will be visible for the other, that you have something truly unique to contribute with - as an outer authority.

Technical Details

  • One of 3 awareness centers.
  • Our second awareness center.
  • Mutated 90-95 thousand years ago.
  • Only connected to 2 Centers and have no access to motor energy!
  • Not connected to the Tribal Circuit of support. 
  • Connected to the Collective Sharing group and the Individual Knowing Circuit group.
  • Three streams run through the Ajna center, the sensing, the knowing, and the logic streams of awareness.
  • One of two parts of our mind.


- 51%
A fixed way of thinking and processing information


- 49%
No consistent way of conceptualization


Trying to be mentally certain

Not-Self Question

I’m I trying to be mentally certain?

Potential Wisdom

What concepts are worth investigating
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