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The BodyGraph is a map that shows us our unique design. The BodyGraph has nine centers (energy hubs) connected through 36 Channels. On each side of a Channel, we find a Gate, 64 Gates in total. These are the places of the centers where energy either enters or exits.
A Gate can be activated by a planetary activation, and if both Gates in a Channel are activated, the two Centers connected are Defined.
Human Design - The BodyGraph - Defined Centers through activated Gates in a Channel
Here you can see how the 25th Gate and the 51st Gate are activated in the Channel and define the two connected Centers.
If it is Defined, that Center operates in a fixed and reliable way and can be trusted! But if a Center is Open, it will always get conditioned by the people in your life and the planetary program; thus, you cannot trust it for your decision-making.

It is the activated Gates, Channels, and the Defined Centers that you are here to live out and what you always bring to the other. And it is in your open Gates, Channels, and Centers where you take in the other.

You do not need to learn all the details of your BodyGraph to live out who you are. In fact, knowing all the details doesn't change anything - but it can help you recognize when you are aligned with yourself.

What is the most important aspect of Human Design is that you experiment with the practical aspect of the information. But before we introduce you to that, let us share some more details regarding the foundation of the system. Up next is an introduction to the RaveMandala and how the planetary activations are transferred to the BodyGraph.

The RaveMandala

Human Design - The Rave Mandala
The RaveMandala is the tool we use in Human Design to determine what Gates are activated in the BodyGraph by the planetary activations. The RaveMandala has two parts, an inner and an outer wheel.

The Inner Wheel

The inner wheel represents the universe and where we find the planetary positions that we use to see what Gates are activated. You can also find the twelve Zodiac Signs in the inner wheel and they are there to show the inheritance from Astrology since we also use planetary calculations. Human Design is nothing like Astrology, beside the fact that we use astronomical calculations for the planetary activations.

The Outer Wheel

The outer wheel is where we find the 64 Gates, also known as the 64 Hexagrams.

It is in the outer wheel where we find the heritage and connection to the I’Ching. In Human Design we use the names from I’Ching for the Hexagrams and the mathematics that is based on the 64 Hexagrams and the binary system.
If you are familiar with Genetics, you know that our DNA is constructed by 64 codons. Each Hexagram is connected to a codeon, so when a Hexagram is activated, that codon is activated within us! Now, most of the Gates in our BodyGraph are open, that doesn't mean that we lack those codeons, but they are not activated. Instead they are receptors and become active temporarily when we meet other beings or from the planetary program.

What to understand regarding the wheel is that it doesn't turn, the two parts are fixed. What moves through are the planets in the inner wheel. So, when we add the planetary data to the inner wheel we can see what Gate it activates in the BodyGraph through the outer wheel.
In this example you can see the sun in the 13th Hexagram. As long as the sun stays in that arc the 13th Gate in the BodyGraph will be activated.

The planetary movements impact everything on this planet tremendously and is the key to understanding the evolution of form on this planet. Now, the planets are always moving, but the moment when we are born, we are imprinted with genetic information. It is the positioning of each Planet, including the Moon, the Nodes of the Moon, and Pluto that are transferred to our BodyGraph.
Compared to traditional Astrology, in Human Design we use two sets of data of planetary positions. In Human Design we refer to the two sets of data as our Personality and Design.

The Personality and Design

Here you can see the two sets of data with planetary activations throughout the wheel if you look at the icons for the planetary activations, one colored in red and one colored in black.

The Personality

Human Design - RaveMandala - Leon Phoenix - Personality slim
The Personality is colored in black and is the conscious aspect of us. It is what our mind identifies with and can be aware of at the moment. The Personality imprints the moment we were born and separated from our mother.

As you can see in this chart only showing the Personality activations, there are no definitions in the chart and all Centers are open.

The Design

Human Design - RaveMandala - Leon Phoenix - Design slim
The Design is colored in red and manifests our body and the unconscious aspect of us. The Design is what everyone else sees when they look at you, but what you don't recognize at the moment. It is only over time your mind might identify with your Design since it appears to be a consistent theme in your life. But your mind never knows what is going on with your Design in the moment.

As you can see in this chart with only the Design activations, there are four Centers defined because there are several Channels with both of the Gates activated.
Your Design imprints approximately 88 days before you were born. Precisely where the sun was positioned 88 degrees before your birth in the RaveMandala wheel.
Human Design - RaveMandala - The 88 degrees between the Personality and Design
You can see the Personality as roads and the Design as tunnels that you look at from above. On the roads, you can see the traffic, what speed it has, and what is transported. In comparison, you don't see the traffic in a tunnel until it emerges.

Although we can look at the two sets of data separately, we can only see who we truly are when we combine them.

Below you can see the BodyGraph with the Personality and Design together. For the first time we can see the dualistic being and that it has five Centers defined!

The Holistic BodyGraph

When the Design and Personality are added together we can see the dualistic being.
We are more than we are aware of at the moment. We are a dualistic being with our Design and Personality.

It is essential to understand that the Personality is what our mind identifies with and it can not efficiently run life since it has no access to the Design. Our mind is also always conditioned by our openness, in fact, it is what attracts the attention of it and conditions it to make decisions. We can never figure out on a mental plane what is correct for us. In
Human Design refer to mental decisions as the Not-Self.

We are not here to control our body, we are here to be passengers in it. Imagine if you would be responsible for controlling your heartbeat, hormone production, and breathing all the time! It is the body that lives life and makes it possible for us to experience our Personality.

You can see these two aspects of us as a forced marriage. It is difficult for the Personality to not be in charge, and the Design needs to deal with the Personality trying to rule the life. In fact, they don't actually belong together from the start but are held together by a Magnetic Monopole. It is this Magnetic Monopole that is the driver and knows where to go! It attracts all life and aligns us with our trajectory. We are here to be passengers in these vehicles, sitting in the backseat, looking out, and enjoying the ride.

We are here to attract life, not with our mind but through operating correctly as ourselves. Human Design explains how that process mechanically operates!

You are here to experience a unique consciousness in form. To do that you need to align with your correct frequency by surrendering to the intelligence of your body. By doing so you embrace the life that you are meant to have and start to embody your purpose in life.

To get to that place we need to realize that when our mind is trying to control our life, we end up in a conflict with ourselves. The mind thinks we are something that thinks it is what it thinks. But we are so much more! When someone hates or dislikes themselves, they don't hate or dislike themselves. They hate or dislike someone they think they think they think they are. And they don't see, because how could you when you are occupied trying to live out something you are not?

We are perfect, but you can't experience that until you surrender to the limitation of being and stop comparing yourself with others.

It is only through experimenting and honoring your Strategy and Authority that we will introduce you to in the next section that makes it possible for you to surrender to your body's intelligence, your Inner Guiding System and then experience the mind’s full potential - as an outer authority for the other.

The BodyGraph shows us what we can trust, so we can make decisions as ourselves and unlock our lives' full potential. Ultimately experience self-reflected consciousness as passengers in this form.

The Key to Yourself is here to empower you in a sustainable direction that gives you what you need to start your journey of self-discovery!

Frequently Asked Questions

BodyGraph how to read it?

The BodyGraph is simple to read once you understand its fundamental mechanics. There are 9-centers that are connected through Channels. On each side of a Channel we find a Gate. If both Gates are activated we have a Definition between the two connected Centers. Depending on what Centers are defined and how they are connected, we can read the Human Design Type.

We can also see what one can trust and where one takes in the other. You do not need to learn about each Gate or Channel to read a BodyGraph, but it is enough to know about the Centers and how they function to have a basic understanding of what challenges a being and what they can trust.

If you understand the fundamental aspects of the BodyGraph shared on this page, keep on reading through the entire Human Design section, and you will get a good understanding of how to read a BodyGraph. If you have any further general questions about Human Design, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us!

How do I get my own BodyGraph?

You can go to and create your own BodyGraph there!

What is the Human Design wheel?

The RaveMandala is the “human design wheel” that connects the planetary positions into the BodyGraph the “human design map”.

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Learn more about the Gates! What is a Gate? As there are 64 Codons in our DNA, there are 64 Gates in the BodyGraph, also referred to as the 64 Hexagram. Learn about the fundamental aspects of the Gates and how they impact us humans.

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What is Human Design? It is the world's most precise and powerful self-discovery tool that guides you to live life self-empowered on your terms - as your own authority!
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