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Human Design Centers

Looking at the BodyGraph, you see nine different centers. Each Center has a unique function that is connected to our body. Depending on if the Center is colored in - defined or white - open, it operates consistently or inconsistently. 

A defined center is fixed and reliable and is what you are here to live out. While an open center operates incorrectly and is where you take in and get conditioned by the other.

Open centers amplify defined centers, which means that you feel the other stronger than yourself. Suppose we don’t recognize what our limitation is. In that case, we can end up living out the amplification of the other instead of our uniqueness, and as a result, we end up feeling a lack of fulfillment. 

Thanks to Human Design and the BodyGraph, we can experiment with honoring what is fixed and reliable - instead of living out the conditioning from others.

When we stop to identify with what we take in from the other and stay grounded in our uniqueness, our openness becomes the most significant source of our wisdom in life. 

Technically a center gets defined through an activated channel. What activates a channel is if we have a planet activating both of the two gates at each end of the channel. You can read more about that @The BodyGraph.

The different types of Centers

Each of our nine centers has a special function and purpose but there are three different functions that several centers share. That is the three awareness centers, the two pressure centers, and the four motors that produce energy. Two centers also have a combination of those functions and that is the Root and Solar Plexus. We also have the Head and Ajna combination that is making up our mind. The G Center and Throat Center are the only two Centers that don't fit in any group.

The Motors - The Energy Centers

Human Design - The Throat and G Center

The Sacral Center, Root Center, Heart Center, and Solar Plexus Center are all motors. They produce the energy that keeps life going and moves us in this world. Depending on which are defined in a design and how it is connected determines the Type. For example, if the Sacral is defined, we are always dealing with a Generator, and if the Sacral is Open but another Motor is connected to the Throat through activations, we are dealing with a Manifestor. If the Sacral Center is open and any of the three other motors are Defined but not connected to the Throat Center, we are dealing with a Projector.

You can learn more about each Type here.

The Mind

Human Design - The Mind

The Mind is the Head Center and Ajna Center together and makes up our mental awareness system. The Head Center creates the pressure for questions, and the Ajna center is where the questions can be answered. Now, since the Mind has no access to motor energy, the answers that might have turned into an idea, opinion or insight are not intended for our decision-making. A healthy mind is not occupied with what decisions to take but rather thinking about things intended for the other as an outer authority, such as realizations based on experience, sustainable patterns for the future that the other can experiment with or find out what is knowable and empowering knowledge.

Remember, the Mind only connects to the Throat Center; it is intended to be shared as inspiration. It has no access to motor energy.

The Throat & The G Center

Human Design - The Throat and G Center

The Throat Center is where all the roads lead to. As we previously mentioned: the Throat divides the Mind from the motors that generate the energy that is required to manifest. Because this is where all the roads lead, there is a lot of pressure on this Center. That's why it is so important to operating correctly so that you can live life without damaging your body.

The G Center is the Center of love, identity, and direction. If you look at the RaveMandala wheel, you see that this Center decides the wheel into four different pieces. Four of them are the beginning of a new quarter, and the other four changes the theme of that quarter from direction to love. These quarters set the theme throughout the year and impact the seasons. Since all about our life is about having a proper direction, so much about our life is connected to the G Center. If it is defined or open has a significant impact on how a being operates. However, it is not necessarily that obvious clear at first sight.

The Awareness Centers

Human Design - The Awareness Centers
The Splenic Center, Ajna Center, and Solar Plexus Center are our awareness centers. Now, each one of them has a different kind of awareness. The Splenic Center connects to our intuition and physical awareness, and it only operates in the Now. The Ajna center connects to our mental awareness and functions like a time machine; it can travel from the past to the future and back to the present time. And the Solar Plexus center has the potential for Emotional awareness. Still, that awareness has not yet fully emerged into the world.

The nine Centers

Human Design The 9 Centers

So, although some center has similar functions each one of them operates differently. If a Center is Defined or Open has a significant impact on one's design. A Defined center can be trusted to operate in a consistent and fixed way while an Open Center can never be trusted. We are mainly conditioned to make decisions based on our openness. So when starting your experiment, knowing, studying, and observing especially how to get conditioned based on your Openness is of tremendous value for you to discover who you are and how to become wise regarding life and what you take in from the other.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Type? There are four different aura types and each one has a unique Strategy. The strategy is the first pillar of Human Design and honoring it makes you attract life correctly.

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Human Design Channels
How does a Channel function? In total there are 36 Channels, on each side of a Channel we find a Gate connected to a Center, the Channel is where the energy moves between the Centers.
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