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Paroxus has 14 years of experience experimenting and embodying his design as a 5/1 Reflector. He is one of the first Reflectors in the world going through a radical deconditioning and transformation process and is said to be one of the voices of Human Design in the future. As a Reflector, he is here to recognize and embrace your uniqueness and gifted with the quality to see what you need to help with to be more self-aware, self-empowered, and filled with self-love.

Unfortunately, no new bookings are available until the end of August.


Paroxus! I would once again like to express my great gratitude for your poetic, powerful and at the same time crystal clear way of synthesizing me. It's incredibly valuable to me, beyond words. It was so clear how you reflected me. When I cried you cried, when I was elated you were elated. I have never felt so seen, so cared for and accepted in my entire life, as I did during my reading. It was as if the Universe for the first time saw itself in me, shone it's light into this corner of itself, and acknowledged it. Recognized me as I am, now. Just as I am, everything, both my design and my conditioning. Nature and nurture. And the way you told my story. Strong, coherent, like a beautiful speech, a song, a poem, where every shadow in my being was allowed to bathe in light. It was as if you had walked beside me every step of my life and just silently and patiently observed me. Seen both what I have seen and what I have not wanted to see due to fears and preconceived notions. Just silently and patiently observed, with the Universe's own eyes, until the day I finally stopped and asked you to tell me what you have seen. And then everything became ok. All forgiven at once. Amazing that these things are all written in the stars and planets
Meeting a reflector, Living their designs, i e Living as a true expression of who they are, is a truly beautiful and unique experience. Having been in the experiment since 2014 and also worked as an analyst for some years, I have to say that meeting Paroxus and his lovely partner Kezia (also a reflector, born the same day) is one of the strongest, surprising and amazing experiences of my Human design journey so far. I have simply not experienced anything like it, and I wished that everyone ready for it would have the same opportunity. It is not an easy thing to describe actually. To me it becomes very experiential. And what do I mean by that? I mean it is a very palpable and embodied experience being mirrored by a reflector. I FEEL an amplification of MYSELF and my own energy in their reflection, plus the magic unique reflector sparks. So, besides the words shared with Paroxus, which are valuable in and of themselves, there is also the unique experience of meeting the reflector aura. If you would like to get a feeling for or glimpse of WHO YOU ARE, this is an opportunity to do so. ENJOY!
Helena Smeds

New to Human Design

Are you new to Human Design or never had a personal session or reading before? Then this is the place to start for you!
Free Human Design session

This 20 minutes free session is for you who:

  • Want to know what Paroxus can help you with.
  • Want to meet in person before you book a session or program.
  • Want to know how it feels to meet a self-empowered Reflector.
  • Want to get recommended what service to choose.
  • What to ask questions about Human Design.

Select a date and time and book this free Human Design today!

Introduction Reading

This reading will help you recognize what you can trust inside you. Ultimately, so you can walk through life self-empowered, more aware, and self-fulfilled!

You will also learn where you are open and take in others. Knowing that is of vast importance because identifying with what you take in leads to mental decisions that have nothing to do with you!

We are dualistic beings with conscious and unconscious aspects. You will learn how they are held together and how you honor your dualistic and holistic being.

You will learn about your unique role in life and the conscious and unconscious aspects of it. We will look at what other people see about your role and what part you are aware of and try to show them.

Finally, you will learn about how you meet life through your aura. How you can minimize the resistance in life through honoring its mechanics. 

In conclusion, you will learn how to honor yourself by facing the challenges of life as yourself and living a satisfying life with recognition, peace, and surprises.

If you experiment with the information that is given through this reading. The result will be life-changing for the rest of your life! 

The next level for your experience

Are you familiar with your Human Design but want to get to know more and dive deeper into your experiment? Then these are the services for you!
Living Your Design

This is an individual awakening Living Your Design program personalized based on your design of total 6 classes approximately 75 min each

This cellular transformation program is designed to support you in your experimentation with your design and deconditioning process.

Ultimately, empowering you in a sustainable direction, living a life with less resistancemore awareness, and being self-empowereby self-love.

"Living Your Design" is the first and most important program to take when starting your journey of self-discovery with the Human Design System.

Get support on your journey

Do you need support along the way to find the way back to yourself? Then this is the service for you!
Signpost Session

"A reflection of you of this moment in time and space."

We all need signposts in life. As a Reflector, PaRoxUs is here to be a signpost for you! Through his reflection you can recognize if you're heading in the right direction. And PaRoxUs can recognize where you need to be picked up and can help you recognize the pieces you are missing to get a clear picture of what you need to face to become self-empowered. 

This service is for everyone that needs a signpost, if you have been experimenting with your Design for a long time or are a total newcomer doesn’t matter. Signposts are needed even for Human Design experts.

What you will experience might be a surprise.

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