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Human Design

Human Design is the world's most precise and powerful self-discovery tool that guides you to live life self-empowered on your terms - as your own authority. Never before has there been a tool available as Human Design. It is an extraordinary revolution that allows you to experience self-reflected consciousness like never before.

A logical system

Human Design is a logical system that describes how humans mechanically operate and makes it possible to fully embrace the human body's intelligence. It helps you navigate this life without losing yourself in the world by showing what you can trust within yourself and how you take in and get conditioned from the other.
Human Design teaches us that we are enough as we are. We do not need to look for the other to complete us. Human Design gives us a map, a so-called BodyGraph that makes it possible to read our unique way of meeting life. The BodyGraph illustrates what we can trust within ourselves and where we meet the other.

A language for our inner life

The BodYgraph displays our inner life, and Human Design gives us a language that describes our being’s mechanics and how our body operates.

The Human Design System gives us a new way of understanding ourselves, our conscious and unconscious aspects, each other and empowers us to face all the challenges that come with life as ourselves. Knowing your unique design helps you to understand what you can trust within yourself and how you take in and get conditioned by your environment (people, planets´ energy, belief patterns etc.) .
Ultimately it makes you more aware of yourself and the world you live in. It teaches you how to minimize the resistance in life and live your life self-empowered by self-love!

Ra Uru Hu

Ra Uru Hu

The knowledge of Human Design was given to Ra Uru Hu through a mystical experience. Ra spent 24 years teaching people to trust themselves and surrender to the intelligence of their bodies. Human Design is a synthesis of the modern science of Quantum Physics, Astronomy, and Genetics and the esoteric methods I’Ching, Kabbalah, Chakras, and Astrology. Although you find references to the I’Chich and Astrology, for example, Human Design is not anything like any of those methods. The expression, “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” is true and the knowledge of Human Design is a completely new revolutionary science in the world that stands on its own. And like all science, it is practical and something you can experiment with to find out for yourself what is true for you. 

"Don't trust me"

As Ra Uru Hu used to say “Don’t trust me, experiment and find out for yourself”. There is a great depth and detail provided in Human Design how life operates. It is a logical system and the foundation of it can be easily understood especially because of the visual BodyGraph that represents our individual blueprint, and how we are designed to meet life.

You can find a shorter introduction to Human Design @ Wikipedia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Human Design?

Social Media - Human Design

Human Design is known as the science of differentiation. It is a logical system that describes how humans mechanically operate. What one can trust within oneself and where one takes in the other and the world one lives in. Human Design offers practical solutions that can be tested and validated by each being that experiments with the system. As the founder of Human Design usually said, “You don’t need to believe in anything I said, don’t trust me, try it out and find out for yourself”.

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The BodyGraph

The BodyGraph - Human Design
How does the BodyGraph function? It is the map of your internal life! Learn about it, how it is connected to the RaveMandala, the planets, and why it is so important that you honor your design.
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