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Human Design Channels

A Channel is a connection between two Centers. On each side of the Channel, connected to the Centers we find a Gates. When we transfer the planetary data for a person into the BodyGraph we look at if there are any planetary activations activating both of the Gates of a Channel. If that is the case we have a life force flowing through that Channel and the connected Centers get Defined.

An activated Channel creates a reliable and fixed way life flows inside of a being. It is a significant aspect of your internal chemistry and the life you are here to live out.

An activated Channel imprinted at birth can never be broken.

If we have none of the Gates or only one Gate activated in a Channel, the potential for life to flow through the channel is still there - but it will never be consistent.

Human Design Channels

Human Design Channel information

If you have only one activated Gate in a Channel, a so-called hanging Gate we have a place where you connect to the other and the planetary program. If that Gate is in a Defined or Open Center matter how that will condition you too.

Since our mind is always looking at what we don’t have, the other side of that Channel attracts our attention and becomes a conditioner for mental Not-Self decisions.

Human Design helps us recognize that we do not need to look for the other to complete us. We do not need to climb up on the fence to get to the other side! We are here to enjoy our own garden and wait for the other to show up. Through operating correctly we ensure that we end up with the correct forces and can enjoy life blossoming in your own garden and at our neighbors!

In total there are 64 Gates, divided by two that is 32, but we have 36 Channels! That is because of the Integration Channels, with four Gates that have the potential to connect all other Gates. In total there are six Channels in the Integration Channels.

Each Channel is also a part of a Circuit Group and all Channels beside four of the Integration Channels Circuit.

Through looking at what Gates are a part of a channel, what Centers are connected through it and what circuit it is a part of we can learn a lot about what that Channel is all about! Now, each Channel brings its unique quality to life and becomes more than each part together. A channel is where the life force flows through and without it there would be no life.

Again, it is not through learning about your Channels that you change your life. It is through experimenting with your Strategy and Authority and observing how you operate correctly. First then is the moment when you truly can experience the full potential of your Channels and how they operate within you!

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Human Design Centers
What is a Center? Humans are 9-centered beings. Each center has a special function, knowing how the centers operate if they are defined or open is of tremendous value for each being!

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Human Design Gates
Learn more about the Gates! What is a Gate? As there are 64 Codons in our DNA, there are 64 Gates in the BodyGraph, also referred to as the 64 Hexagram. Learn about the fundamental aspects of the Gates and how they impact us, humans.
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