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Human Design Gates
There are 64 Gates in the BodyGraph which are also represented in the RaveMandala wheel as 64 Hexagrams. These 64 Hexagrams are connected to our genetic imprint - our DNA consisting of 64 codons. As everyone has all the 64 codons in our DNA and the 64 Gates in our design not all are activated. At the most 26 out of 64 Gates can be activated in our design. The activation of the Gates in our BodyGraph is what makes us unique and different from each other!

The Gates are the points where energy enters or exits a Center and can connect different Centers through the Channels. When two Gates in a Channel are activated (we call that harmonic gates) we get a Definition.

How a Gate operates depends on, if it is part of an activated Channel, activated in a defined Center, or activated in an open Center. Activated Gates in an Open center is referred to as dormant Gates. If the Gate is not Activated at all, we refer to it as an Open Gate.

Human Design Gates

Human Design Gate explanation
Even if two people have the same Gate activated, each person will experience that Gate uniquely.

How a Gate is experienced depends on how it is connected in the design but also which planet activates it and in which arc of the Hexagram the planet activates it (also known as Line).

Each planet and each of the six Lines brings out a very specific quality of the Gate. Each line is in turn also divided into Colors, each Color into Tones, and each Tone into Bases. We can be aware of what is going on in a Gate down to a tonal level.

We must also remember that whether the Gate is activated by the Personality (what is colored in black) or the Design (what is colored in red) matter how the Gate will be experienced and expressed!

In total we have 64*6*6*6*5*13*2 = 1797120 (around 1,8 million) unique ways a Gate can be activated and then it also matters how it will be experienced based on how it is connected in the BodyGraph.

Now, you do not need to learn all those millon of possible activations to understand how a Gate functions. Only through reading the Keynoting of a Gate, Planet and knowing about your Personality and Design you get a fundamental understanding how the Gate is meant to operate.

But as we mentioned before, the information provided through Human Design doesn't change anything if it stays as a mental knowledge. To fully recognize and experience how your Gates are meant to operate you need to start operating correctly through honoring your Strategy and Authority that we will cover in a few sections. It is through observation throughout time, you will embody the understanding of how your Gates operates on a deep level.

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Human Design Channels
Learn how a Channel functions. A Channel is the quantum of the two Gates connected to the Centers. In total there are 36 Channels and it is the Channel where the energy moves between the Centers.

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The BodyGraph

The BodyGraph - Human Design
How does the BodyGraph function? It is the map of your internal life! Learn about it, how it is connected to the RaveMandala, the planets, and why it is so important that you honor your design.
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