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Human Design Types

Human Design Types

Introduction to Types

On this planet there are four different types of beings. Each Human Design Type has a unique way of meeting life through their aura. What Type refers to is how the aura of a being mechanically operates.

Understanding how you are designed to meet life is of vast importance for you to limit the resistance in your life. It is also essential to understand how the other types operate for you to respect, accept and honor a being's unique spirit.

Before we get deeper into each Type. Let’s have a look at our evolutionary history and where we come from to understand the challenge most people face today.

Our Evolutionary History

Around 70 000 years ago homo sapiens mutated from 5-centered to 7-centered beings.
With that mutation, for the first time through the history of our universe there was a being with a mental awareness that could pounder, why are we here and what do we do now?
Evolution of humans

From that moment, humans started to dominate this planet with their strategic minds. From that period until 1781, humans needed to be strategic to survive and the Type that could take the best advantage of that and dominated humans was the Manifestor.

The Ruler of the Past

Manifestors have a closed aura that prevents people from reading them and what they are about to do. They can initiate life out of their own power and because of that, they could rule this world with fear because of their ability to strike out of nowhere. Because of that ability it was Manifestors that ended up controlling the planet as kings, queens, high priests and emperors. They made sure people lived in fear and obeyed their rules to stay in power.

The Sacral Power

But Manifestors are not the type with the greatest source of power! No kingdom or civilization would have been built if it weren't for the Generators and their sacral power!

Generators have a completely open aura and they need to respond to life. Because they are so open, they can be read and they had no chance to rebel and stand up against the Manifestors. Generators were controlled and manipulated to build the civilizations and the monuments like the pyramids in Giza as one of the best examples of the impact of the Manifestors, but the work of the Generators.

Today humans are no longer ruled by Manifestors. 1781, together with the discovery of Uranus humans mutated into 9-Centered beings. With that mutation, the Manifestors lost their place on the top of the hierarchy as the ruling type on this planet. With that mutation, we also got a new Type - the Projector.

The Technical Revolution and Mental Confusion

We can still be thankful for the 7-centered strategic mind for our civilization and the incredible innovation we saw until today. It is our strategic mind that gave us the industries, where cars and airplanes could be produced and the digital revolution with computers, pads, smartphones, the internet, and all the services that we use today.

Technological Innovation
But today, we are no longer here to make strategic mental decisions. It doesn't mean we no longer have that strategic aspect of our mind or that it is of value, but it is not here to rule our life anymore.

The Propaganda from the Past

Still, the propaganda remains in our culture, “make it happen”, “go get it”, “just do it”.

Remember, the Manifestor can always initiate and act out of their own power. And some people still think that is how you need to manifest your life. But it is not true. The propaganda is not even true for the Manifestors anymore. They are not here to be strategic nor rule the world. In fact, they are not tolerated anymore by others - if they don’t know how to behave nicely.

This world belongs to the Generators. They generate the vital life force - out of response - that everyone else takes in. That is in opposition to how the Manifestors meet life. Still, they got conditioned that they need to go out there and make their life happen! But acting like a 7-centered Manifestor only leads to frustration for a Generator.

The Focused Observer

And then we have the Projectors, the new Type on the block that is here to be recognized by the other and rise up. Projectors also have an open aura as the Generators. But the aura of the Projector is also focusing on and absorbing the other, one person at the time. Projectors have the ability to master systems and as a result, the Not-Self Projectors can be masters of pretending to be Manifestors. They know exactly how to act and what to say to behave like one. But that will only lead to bitterness since their role in life is only fulfilled when they are recognized as themselves.


It's not like anyone can help acting out of the conditioning from the past. No parent in the past know exactly what made their child different. Generators took in the conditioning from the Manifestors and Projectors took in the conditioning from the Generators. And as a result, we have the two most common types on this planet frustrated and bitter because they meet resistance all the time and the Manifestors are furious because everyone is on their case all the time and don’t know how to deal with it.

So, we live in this world where most people are trying to be something they are not. Thinking they need to do this or that to fulfill their life. That has nothing to do with how one is here to live their life.

Our Unique Truth

Each type has a special and unique role to fulfill here in life. And we need each Type to live out their role, so we can thrive, as ourselves and as an entity, separated by the illusion of life.

Each one of us is here to operate out of our own truth. And that truth can not be realized through mental decisions.

No one is here to tell anyone what to do, how to feel or behave. But what we can do, is to support each other to recognize what is true for you!

The Guardian of the Totality

And there is no other type that recognizes that better than the Reflector, the least common Type on this planet. Throughout history, the Reflector has been in service of the darkness of mankind. Keeping everyone in line and calling out those who were trying to break the pattern and live a unique life.

The Reflector is very different compared to all other types since it has no definition and takes in life without a counterpoint of definition. The reflector holds the key to the consciousness field and is directly connected to the evolutionary program of mankind.

The hope for this planet is that Generators start to respond. And we need the Projectors to guide their energy, so they can become deeply satisfying with how they use their energy.

The Manifestors need to find their peace and the Reflectors need to become wise regarding life and recognize what makes the difference.

Human Design Types

The Manifestor

The Manifestor has a closed and repelling aura and is the only type that can act on its own and initiate life. Manifestors can have a tremendous impact on the people in their life. And they need to be wise about how they impact others. Because of their aura, people don’t naturally trust the manifestor and the manifestor needs to behave nicely to be accepted by others. The strategy for the Manifestor is not natural because they don’t need to inform before acting. But it is how they show respect and prevent the other from interfering with what they are about to do. For the Manifestor, the Authority needs to be honored before they can apply their Strategy.


Closed and Repelling








Who do I impact? How do I impact them?

The Mechanics

Open Sacral Center and a Motor (The Solar Plexus, Heart, or/and the Root) connected to the Throat Center.

The Generator

The Generator has an open and evolving aura and is here to know itself. Generators learn who they are through response, and it is only through responding that they can use their sacral energy satisfyingly. Generators that try to mentally figure out what to do with their energy become frustrated. And unfortunately, most generators think their life needs to be frustrated since that is what they got used to. No other type has a simpler way of self-empowerment and self-fulfillment. Now that doesn't mean it is a great challenge for a Generator to wait and honor their response. The Generator is the sacral being, the holy one that generates all the life force on this planet. When a Generator starts to respond, they change the frequency of their own universe and start to live a life deeply satisfied since they finally can dedicate their energy to something they love and that is correct.


Open and Evolving








Who am I? What do I love to do?

The Mechanics

Defined Sacral

The Projector

The Projector has an open, focusing, and absorbing aura. The Projector is interested in and here to guide the other. Projectors have an extraordinary ability to understand systems and master things through digging into whatever they find fascinating. There is no greater variety among any types than the Projectors. There are Energy Projectors, Classical Projectors, Self-Projectors, Ego Projects, and Mental Projectors. For a Projector, it is not about the quantity of their interaction but the quality of it. Projectors get invitations all the time if they wait, and they need to recognize which one is correct for them. When the key fits the lock, they feel it and that relationship can be of tremendous value for both parties.


Open, Focusing and Absorbing




Wait for invetations




Who are the other? Will they recognize me?

The Mechanics

Open Sacral Center and a no Motor connected to the Throat Center.

The Reflector

The Reflectors are born without any definition and take in life like no other Type. No other type has a greater potential of wisdom than the Reflector but unfortunately, most Reflectors are deeply lost because of their openness. The Reflector is the only Lunar Being, driven by the moon and here to sample and reflect on what is going on in the environment. The Reflector samples their environment and can pick up what is not working on a level that no other type grasps. The reflector is bound to wait for the other to recognize their depth and is not here to be a missionary. Ultimately, the Reflector is here to be a signpost of the evolution of this planet, being at one with the planetary program that orchestrates the programming.


Sampling and Resistant




Wait for a full lunar cycle (28 days)




Who is different?

The Mechanics

No defined Centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Human Design Type get defined?

Human Design Channels

A Type is defined based on how the centers are defined and connected. If there is no center defined, we are dealing with a Reflector. If the Sacral Center is defined, we are always dealing with a Generator. If the Sacral is Open and a Motor is connected to the Throat Center, we are dealing with a Manifestor, and if there is no Sacral Defined or Motor connected to the Throat Center, we are dealing with a Projector.

How do you eat as a Generator?

There is no general way to eat as a generator besides responding. The food a generator responds to eating will be the perfect energy for the generator and what makes it feel satisfied and nourished by the meal.

Now there is something in Human Design called PHS — Primary Health System. The PHS is not Human Design Type related but describes the mechanics of how one is designed to select food and how one takes in the correct nourishment.

How do I find out my Human Design Type?

You can book a session with us or use to create your own BodyGraph. If you sign up @ myBodyGraph you will also get basic information about your Strategy and Authority in the Talking BodyGraph section.

What does Human Design Type mean?

The Type in Human Design refers to how a being’s aura mechanically operates. Basically how one is designed to meet life, if you are open or closed, if you need recognition or to respond, if you need to initiate or wait for the moon. Your Strategy refers specifically to how to honor the mechanics of your aura, how to be self-empowered, and limit the resistance in your life.

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Human Design Centers
What is a Center? Humans are 9-centered beings. Each center has a special function, knowing how the centers operate if they are defined or open is of tremendous value for each being!
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