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Human Design Authorities introduction

Human Design Authorities
Authority is one of the two pillars of Human Design. Each one of us has an inner authority. In combination with honoring and experimenting with the Strategy, the Authority guides us to correct decision-making in this life.

The Strategy ensures that life correctly comes to us, and the Authority is what lets us know what is correct for us to engage with.

The authority is determined based on what Centers are defined. And there is a hierarchy along with the centers that decide which center is the authority. In total there are seven different authorities.

The different Authorities in Human Design

Three of the seven authorities, make up ninety percent of all the world's authorities. That is the Emotional, Sacral, and Splenic authority.

The Emotional Authority

This is the most common authority and divides this world in half into emotional and unemotional beings. Emotional beings have an incredible impact on this world with their emotional wave that colors everything. The key for them is to wait out their emotional wave and never be spontaneous or make a decision or out of nervousness.

The Sacral Authority

Only Generators or Manifesting Generators (aka Sacral beings) can have this authority. Since there is no awareness in the sacral center, the only reliable source is the so-called Sacral Sound and accompanied by an opening (meaning the body is providing the energy) or a closing (meaning the body is NOT providing the energy) towards something. The Sacral can make very clear grunt sounds that indicate if something is correct or not for the Generator or Manifesting Generator to engage in. If a Generator or Manifesting Generator honors these sounds, they will truly learn more about themselves and become deeply satisfied with their life.

The Splenic Authority

The Spleen is our oldest and first awareness center. The spleen operates in the now and sends out hunches if something is correct or not. Since it always operates in the now, if you second guess the hint, it won’t repeat itself. Splenic beings can end up paying a large price if they are not being present in the now.

Only Projectors and Manifestors can have this authority. Generators and Manifesting Generators can have the spleen guiding them as well but only in combination with a Sacral or Emotional Authority. Whenever the Spleen is defined, it will always play a vital role and protect the being in the now.
The four remaining and more rare authorities are the ego authority, the self authority, the soundboard authority and the lunar authority.

The Ego Authority

Only Projectors and Manifestors can have an Ego Authority. If the being has an open Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Splenic Center and a Defined Heart/Ego Center, the Ego Center is the Authority hence Ego Authority.

Anyone with an Ego Authority is here to follow their willpower! All ego beings need a healthy work-rest balance.

The Self Authority

Only Projectors and Manifestors can have the ego authority. It is the authority if the being has an open Solar Plexus, Sacral and Splenic Center and a Defined Heart Center.

These people need to follow the “love in their chest”. That can sound a bit fussy but they can have this extraordinary sense of love and light bursting out of their chest when something is truly correct.

The Soundboard

Only Projectors can have this authority. If you are a Projector and have an open Solar Plexus, Sacral, Spleen, Heart and G Center and a Defined Ajna Center, connected to the Throat Center or/and the Head Center, this is your Authority.

Beings that have this authority need to speak to others that they trust to observe what they have to say regarding the invitation they are processing.

The Lunar Authority

Human Design - The Rave Mandala
This is the Authority for Reflectors. Since the reflector has no definition they don’t operate in a fixed way. Instead, they need to wait for a full lunar cycle (approx. 28 days) to process the information internally and observe where life carries them. During that process, it can be helpful to share with people that they trust what they are going through to hear and feel what they say, and receive feedback from the other.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out my Human Design Authority?

You can book a session with us or use to create your BodyGraph to see your authority. If you sign up @ myBodyGraph you will also get basic information about your Strategy and Authority in the Talking BodyGraph section.

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