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Kezia and Paroxus are the owners of the Key to Yourself, and they meet each other on 10th October 2010 on the first Reflector Retreat ever hosted.

They are both born on the 1st of February 1984, around 9 hours apart as 5/1 Reflectors on the Left Angle Cross of Refinement.
Ra Uru Hu

Ra Uru Hu

Only when we move away from the genetic imperative of our attraction to difference, only when we are the difference, each and every one of us uniquely, are we going to realize that the thing that we’ve always been looking for is a quality of sameness. That is, type with type, angle with angle.
Paroxus & Kezia connection chart
Paroxus and Kezia are the first Reflector "twin" couple in the world of Human Design that has no activated Centers together. That gives them an extraordinary ability to take in and guide others based on the wisdom that arises through their openness.

How things come to be


Although this might look as a straight line, in reality we have been spiraling through space and time!

First Meeting

10 October 2010
The first meeting was in Florence at the train station. They had decided to meet up one day before the Reflector Retreat started and travel together to the event.

Kezia Visit to Nacka, Sweden

30 January 2011
After the Reflector retreat, it became clear that they wanted to meet again, so after honoring their lunar cycle, Kezia booked a ticket to Stockholm to visit Paroxus

Paroxus visit to Sölden, Germany

6 March 2011
This time it was Paroxus' turn to visit Kezia in Germany. After spending a few more days together, he asked her if she wanted to move with him, something that she misunderstood at that moment. No, she would rather stand still at that moment. Later, Paroxus clarified what he said. He wanted her to move to Sweden to live with him.

Kezia Visit to Nacka, Sweden

1 July 2011
With the "move with me" proposal, Kezia and Paroxus needed to meet one more time to decide if they should live together!

Kezia moved to Nacka, Sweden

6 March 2016
Kezia took a big leap and left her country and moved to a new land with a new language that she didn't understand, with no connection except the one she made with Paroxus. To finance the move, Kezia and Paroxus gave several Human Design introductions to people.

Pontus started to work on myBodyGraph

February 2013
After months of investigation and preparation, Paroxus started to work for Jovian Archive on their new project, myBodyGraph as the lead developer.

Kezia and Pontus moved to Järna Sweden

6 March 2016
From a one room apartment in the suburbs to a three room apartment in a small town close to Stockholm. The first neighbor Paroxus met was also experimenting with Human Design. What are the chances for that? At that time, the Swedish Human Design group had around 50 members.

myBodyGraph was realeased

August 2014
While Kezia was dealing with nausea throughout her pragegnacgy Paroxus worked intense to finish the last details of myBodyGraph that was released in August 2014

Leon Phoenix was born

19 February 2015
After 8 hours of labour, Kezia gave birth home to Leon Phoenix a 1/3 Manifesting Generator on the Right Angle Cross of The Sleeping Phoenix

First Facebook post

15 september 2018
Our Facebook page was created on the 5th of June 2015, but it took years until the first post was made. It reached over 4400 people, resulting in 860 reactions and 36 shares across the network!

Loving and Living Your Design

July 2019
For a second time Kezia and Paroxus attended one of Nisargs event, this time a Loving and Living Your Design Guide event on the island of Corfu in Greece

First Loving and Living Your Design

15 February 2020
Seven years before the Rave mutation 2027, Key to Yourself hosted the first Loving and Living Your Design class online hosted by Paroxus and Kezia

The move to Vårdinge By

December 2020
In the middle of Kezia and Paroxus second Loving & Living Your Design, it became clear that life was bringing them to a new place. This time to a house with a beautiful big garden in an Anthroposophic village with a folk school educating about organic gardening, pottery, and woodcraft.

The new release of The Key to Yourself

August 2021
After a long time of dedication of love, their new homepage is released together with the announcement of their 3rd, new and improved Loving & Living Your Design class.

The journey in color 

The meeting at the Reflector retreat
The visits to Sölden, Germany and Stockholm, Sweden
The time living together in Sweden before Leon
Our time with Leon
  • Kezia's first visit in Stockholm
  • Leon Phoenix
  • Family time

Their BodyGraphs

We are all unique, Human Design helps us fulfill our individual purpose!
BodyGraph Paroxus


Born 1st February 11:18 in Nacka, Sweden
Type Reflector
Strategy To Wait aLunar Cycle
Not-Self Theme Disappointment
Signature Surprise
Definition None
Authority Lunar Cycle
Profile/th> Heretic - Investigator (5/1)
Incarnation Cross Left Angle Cross of Refinement (19/33 | 1/2)
Paroxus, born as Pontus Erik Karlsson, was introduced to Human Design springtime 2008 by his friend Christian Bloom, a 4/6 Projector.
BodyGraph Kezia


Born 1st February 20:10 in Düsseldorf, Germany
Type Reflector
Strategy To Wait aLunar Cycle
Not-Self Theme Disappointment
Signature Surprise
Definition None
Authority Lunar Cycle
Profile/th> Heretic - Investigator (5/1)
Incarnation Cross Left Angle Cross of Refinement (19/33 | 1/2)
Human Design - The BodyGraph - Leon Phoenix - Design and Personality standard columns

Leon Phoenix

Born 19th February 2015 in Järna, Sweden
TypeManifesting Generator
StrategyTo Respond
Not-Self ThemeFrustration
ProfileInvestigator - Martyr (1/3)
Incarnation CrossRight Angle Cross of The Sleeping Phoenix (55/59 | 34/20)
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