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Human Design Throat Center

The Throat Center

The Center of Manifestation and Communication - a gearbox and where metamorphosis happens.

Biological Associations: Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands

This is where communication, manifestation, and metamorphosis take place. Basically, this is what our life is all about, to reach this place and access its metamorphic qualities - this is where our internal life can transform into a new form.

In the end, all roads lead us here. This center has enormous importance in our life! This center is also the most complex and with the most gates and connected centers of all centers. It also separates the mind from the motor energy. That is an essential part to grasp, that our mind has no access to the motor energy that makes manifestation possible! The mind that is above the throat can only communicate through the center and is here to be an outer authority and not here to dictate our action!

 If and how other centers are connected to the throat can also determine the aura type. Again, this center has an important impact on our life, if it is defined or open!

Technical Details

  • One of a kind, the only center of manifestation and communication.
  • 6 of the other 8 Centers are directly connected to the Throat.
  • Only the two pressure centers are not connected to it.
  • Connected to 3 Manifesting Channels, the only Manifesting Generated channel, and 9 Projected Channels.
  • All circuits groups are connected to the Throat.
  • Has 11 Gates,  most of all Centers
  • Connected to 13 channels.
  • Connected to the Integration Channels through the 20th Gate that is connected to 3 other Gates.
  • The most common Center to have Defined.
  • The only Center that can be in a wide split! 


- %
A fixed way of speaking and/or acting


- %
Has no consistent way of speaking and acting. Is under pressure to speak.


Not-self theme: Trying to attract attention by actions or/and initiating conversations. Talking constantly.

Not-Self Question

Am I trying to attract attention? Am I initiating conversations?

Potential Wisdom

Knows who speaks the truth. Knows how and when to attract attention.
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