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Ra Uru Hu

Ra Uru Hu was the messenger of the Human Design System. In January 1987 he had a mystical encounter with something he referred to as “the voice”. After his own experimentation, he started to share Human Design with the people he met. He would always tell his students: “Don’t trust me, don’t believe in me, find out for yourself”. Ra Uru Hu spent 24 years sharing the knowledge and passed away in March 2011.

Human Design has been tested and validated by thousands. The magic of this system is that you don’t need to believe anything, you can try it out for yourself. What is your unique authority? 

Ra Uru Hu was Born April 9, 1948, 00:14 (A.M) in Montréal PQ, Canada as Alan Robert Krakower. He was the fourth child of an upper-middle-class family. As a teenager, Alan performed his own music and smoked weed.

As an adult, he went through three marriages, became a father to a daughter, ran an advertising agency and TV production company with about 12 employees, and made a lot of money. Continuing using marijuana and also cocaine. At the end of spring 1983, he left everything behind and ended up in Ibiza where he lived outside the society, continuing his journey with drugs and as a loner. For a period of time, he even lived in a tree with a wild dog as company. At the beginning of 1987, he lived in an old ruin. That was the place where the 3rd January had his mystical encounter.

No one, and especially Robert Krakower wouldn't even imagine what he was about to be a witness of. During 7 days and nights, he was given the evolution of our consciousness, where we are originating from, and what to come in the future, all of that Ra referred to as the "gray area" since it can't be validated through experimentation. But he was also shown the design of the single cell, insects, birds and reptiles, mammals, and most importantly, humans. 

“When I came back out of the sunlight I had this streaming of tears. And I realized that my body was back, that the Voice was gone. For eight days my dog Barley, I had dragged him from the doorway and pushed him under my desk. As a matter of fact, I drew the whole Human Design System with my feet on his body. It never disturbed me. You know I had no idea what was going on. When I came down the mountain, there was Barley, wagging his tail, quite a creature. I eventually managed to get into a place where he could live totally wild himself, and saw him once after that, didn’t see him again.”

“When ‘the Voice’ left on the 11th of January, 1987, I’ve never been so... I guess you could say I’m a kind of deep optimist, that is a... it is my preference to look at what is beautiful rather than what isn’t, and I’m not somebody as eh... integration ego-Manifestor that you know wallows in self-pity or depression. And when ‘the Voice’ left, it was very very difficult, it was very very dark experience for me, the deepest, I guess more than melancholy, more than depression, it was just sadness, sadness that that kind of experience that you can’t even imagine being able to know again. It’s gone forever. That special place, that incredible, unbelievable, science-fiction environment, that was dense with a level of intelligence, is impossible to fe them. And then the reality of the mundane illusion of my own life, I was living in a ruin, I had nothing, barely had clothes on my back, couldn’t use a pen, because couldn’t replace if the ink ran out. And there I was very much alone after all of that...”

After the encounter, Ra didn't know if he went mad. To validate everything he learned he started to observe the moment of the moon through the RaveMandla wheel and how it impacted him with the help of an ephemeris. The moment the moon temporarily activated his Open Solar Plexus he knew that it was for real because he could feel how that “dead object in the sky” impacted the chemistry in his body.

After years of working with sharing Human Design, Ra introduced Strategy and Authority. A significant aspect of Human Design that makes the knowledge practical and helped people to align with their correct trajectory and ultimately become self-empowered individuals while experiencing self-love.

While dedicating his life to teaching the Human Design System Ra reconnected with his daughter and also got two sons with a new partner. He established the International School of Human Design and spread Human Design across the world.

Ra Uru Hu was a 5/1 Manifestor born on the Left Angle Cross of the Clarion. 

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Ra Uru Hu

Frequently Asked Questions

Who created Human Design?

Ra Uru Hu was the messenger and original teacher of the Human Design System, and he said he got the information through a mystical experience he had at the beginning of 1987.

Who is Alan Krakower?

Alan Krakower was the messenger of the Human Design System. When he got the information in 1987 he started to use the name Ra Uru Hu.

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