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Introduction Reading

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Human Design Introduction Reading to your holistic being.

This reading is for anyone that is new to Human Design, need to refresh their fundamental understanding of their design, or never had a person living their design introduce them to their unique design.

This reading will help you recognize what you can trust inside you. Ultimately, so you can walk through life self-empowered, more aware, and self-fulfilled!

You will also learn where you are open and take in others. Knowing that is of vast importance because identifying with what you take in leads to mental decisions that have nothing to do with you!

We are dualistic beings with conscious and unconscious aspects. You will learn how they are held together and how you honor your dualistic and holistic being.

You will learn about your unique role in life and the conscious and unconscious aspects of it. We will look at what other people see about your role and what part you are aware of and try to show them.

Finally, you will learn about how you meet life through your aura. How you can minimize the resistance in life through honoring its mechanics. 

In conclusion, you will learn how to honor yourself by facing the challenges of life as yourself and living a satisfying life with recognition, peace, and surprises.

If you experiment with the information that is given through this reading. The result will be life-changing for the rest of your life! 


Human Design Guide - PaRoxUs big smile

Paroxus is an experienced guide, gifted with the quality to see what you need to help with to be more self-aware, self-empowered, and filled with self-love. As a Reflector, he is here to recognize and embrace your uniqueness. He has 14 years of experience experimenting and embodying his design as a 5/1 Reflector. He is one of the first Reflectors in the world going through a radical deconditioning and transformation process and is said to be one of the voices of Human Design in the future.


You will learn:
  • Where you take in life and how that can pull you away from your truth and condition you to make incorrect decisions.
  • Your role in life.
  • How you find your purpose.
  • The nature of your dualistic being and how you honor both parts.
  • How to interact with others from a place of acceptance and self-love.
  • What is reliable inside of you and what you can always trust in any situation?
  • How you are designed to meet life and interact with others.
  • How to let go of guilt and trust yourself.
  • How you honor what is true for you and live life as yourself and minimize the resistance in your life.
  • How you make reliable decisions that empower you!
  • How to let go of unhealthy pressure, whether physical or mental.
  • Your BodyGraph.
  • Audio and video recording of the session.

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From: 149,00

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