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Human Design Chart

Your map written by the stars

Can a map written by the stars reveal what makes you unique?


Based on your birth moment, we get two sets of data. One from your birth and one approximately 88 days* before.

* You can read more about the mechanics of it here

The 88 degrees between Personality and Design

The data from your birth represents your conscious aspects - what you identify with and the other your unconscious aspects - your body.

When we transfer the data to a map we see your dualistic being. Based on that map we read what makes you unique and how you are designed to meet life.

We can tell what you can trust within yourself and where you take in the other and have the potential to become wise.

There are things we can share that you might wonder how can we possibly know that?

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Welcome to:

the Human Design System

The science of differentiation and a revolutionary tool for self-discovery!

You do not need to believe in any of this because you can validate this information through experimentation.

What is your truth? There has never been a more important time to know!

Through experimentation you will learn more about yourself, the people in your life, how your impact them, and the mystery of your being.

This is not another mental system, nor a religion. This knowledge is here to empower you to be your own authority, fearless, humble, and amazed by the wonder of being alive.

You are here to be self-empowered!

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And as each breath becomes an experience of acceptance and reveals the purpose of your life - to love yourself.

The Key to Yourself is here to empower you!

Guiding you to making correct decisions.

As each decision shapes your future. We guide you through your unique map.

Are you ready for a change?

You are conditioned to make decisions based on your openness. But that leads to resistance and pain since those decisions are rooted in what you don’t have.

You are here to make decisions based on what is reliable and what you can trust inside of you! It is a revolutionary way of honoring yourself and how you minimize the resistance in your life.

Imagine being guided by a force from within that knows where you need to go. If it is your gut, intuition, or emotions, we can tell you!

You don’t need to doubt our figure out what relationships and bargains, intimate, personal, or business are correct for you!

Be satisfied and successful with what you do, filled with inner peace, and live a life full of surprises.

Ultimately, the result of honoring yourself is an improvement of your life quality and you feeling greater being alive, self-fulfilled, self-empowered, and full of self-love.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your DNA?

The Moon

Human Design Sections

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Human Design System Introduction
What is Human Design? It is the world's most precise and powerful self-discovery tool that guides you to live life self-empowered on your terms - as your own authority!  [read more...]
The BodyGraph - Human Design
The BodyGraph
How does the BodyGraph function? It is the map of your internal life! Learn about it, how it is connected to the RaveMandala, the planets, and why it is so important that you honor your design.  [read more...]
Human Design Gates
What is a Gate? As there are 64 Codons in our DNA, there are 64 Gates in the BodyGraph, also referred to as the 64 Hexagram. Learn about the fundamental aspects of the Gates and how they impact us humans.  [read more...]
Human Design Channels
How does a Channel function? In total there are 36 Channels, on each side of a Channel we find a Gate connected to a Center, the Channel is where the energy moves between the Centers.  [read more...]
Human Design Centers
What is a Center? Humans are 9-centered beings. Each center has a special function, knowing how the centers operate if they are defined or open is of tremendous value for each being!  [read more...]
Human Design Types
What is a Type? There are four different aura types and each one has a unique Strategy. The strategy is the first pillar of Human Design and honoring it makes you attract life correctly. [read more...]
Human Design Authorities
How do you know if what you meet in life is correct for you? The answer is follow your Authority! The Authority is the second pillar of Human Design. Learn about the different authorities and how they function. [read more...]
Ra Uru Hu
Ra Uru Hu
Who was Ra Uru Hu? Learn about the messenger of the Human Design System and his work of spreading the world's most revolutionary science and the legacy he left behind.
 [read more...]


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Introduction Reading
Introduction Reading
Living Your Design
Living Your Design
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