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Quarter of Duality

Quarter of Duality – Where purpose is fulfilled through bonding 

We are dualistic beings, and we are here to bond with another.

Evolutionary this is how humans survived, you found someone that would have your back, to support and empower and share the process of mating with.

Out of that coupling, a new family can emerge. So here we are where it’s all about bonding with the other.

The first part of this quarter is about finding the proper direction, set by the 7th Gate leading the self in action. And moving on to the 4th Gate of Formulization where we can get the answer to what direction to take, but that answer in our head is not for us, it is for others when they ask for it.

Moving on, to the 29th Gate, this is where we find can leap into the future without needing to know, will that direction work out? Bye-bye to logic and hello to a new experience! Yes to this, yes to that! Of course, if you are not correct, it’s yes to pain and yes to suffering!

Now, this is also the place to make sense of the past, the past cyclical experiences as we spiral through space and time. What worked out last cycle? Do you have someone that can ask and reflect with you?

Learning from the past makes you grow into the future. So where are we going? What is this life all about? We are bioforms that need to eat and reproduce!

In this Quarter we find the 59th, 6th, and 50th Gate, three Gates that make up three-quarters of the defense circuit, and the two Gates with the awareness of what to defend (50 and 6).

The 6th Gate is where we are open or closed to intimacy. And ultimately the intimacy that can lead to reproduction. It is the 6.3 that holds the key to our human fertility. And this is something that is about to change with the mutation of the Solar Plexus when the motor energy moves from the 6th Gate to the 55th Gate.

This mutation will impact our physical form, our spirit, and the experience of being alive. And the key is honoring the body, the temple. And if you look at the Quarter you find the 46th Gate too, the love of the body, the temple.

Midpoint of Quarter of Mutation

When the Sun entered the 46th Gate the theme of the quarter will change from direction to love. And that is exactly where you end up when you surrender and operate correctly. With a love for your own body, for your own life, to have the experience of it saying yes to life, moving you in the correct direction. Nothing to do but to see, experience the love of being alive as yourself and have someone to share that with and make more together, that is what makes life on this plane possible.

We end this quarter by moving through all the Gates of the Spleen, with the 50th Gate of Value where we find the establishment of the proper values that govern our bindings.

Without proper values, there will be no preservation and the bond needs to be broken and reflected upon what values need to be honored.

This is where the suffering happens when you don’t pay attention and have a proper pattern, with health issues and the pain of needing to correct what’s been spoiled.

With or without a partner, this journey is for you to experience. Ultimately we are all alone witnessing our life from within, but we do not need to feel lonely or be ruled by fear for our survival, death, failure, or the future. 

You carry the universe within yourself. Love yourself, love your body. Surrender and life will take care of you.

The Quarter of Duality starts 5th August 2022 @ 16:38 when the Sun enters into the 7th Gate.

Author: PaRoxUs
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Published: August 5, 2022
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