Are you observing the new Rave Year!? The new Solar Cycle started 21st January 2021, @ 19:49 UTC. That means that the new calendar year @ 1st January isn’t a fresh start because it does not impact our mechanics or chemistry, but the new Rave Year does.

Human Design is the science of differentiation. By looking at the planetary positioning and their movement through the Rave Mandala Wheel, we can understand how the world gets conditioned to behave and operate!

Ra Uru Hu, the messager of the Human Desing System, talked about a huge change coming in 2027 that will impact everything on this planet. 7 years before the change, the Covid-19 pandemic is the most outstanding evidence so far that Ra Uru Hu’s forecast is accurate.

According to Ra, when we are heading closer to 2027, things might get more intense, and our support system might start to break down even more.

But thanks to Human Design, we can still live fulfilled, life-loving ourselves without making decisions based on fear. You don’t need to fear or worry about your survival if you know how to navigate this life. Human Design shows you that — what you can trust within yourself and how you make decisions as yourself.

You do not need to believe in any of this, Human Design, as all science can be tested and validated. In fact, each individual can find out for themselves – if this is true or not.

Love yourself, and we wish you all the best for the new Solar Cycle

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