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Channel of Charisma – Change of the Nodes

The most powerful channel of them all, the dominating one, the one that will change our civilization, and the one that we all will be impacted by.

4th September 2021 @ 19:58 UTC the nodes changed into 20th and 34th Gate and the Channel of Charisma, a design of being busy in the now. The power from the Sacral connected to the Throat – manifested generated energy in the now. There is no more powerful connection in this world, this channel is second to none when it comes to manifested power.

Until 18th January 2022 @ 02:51 UTC this channel will condition our global environment. The transits are not who you are, but what you are here to see and experience. This energy will move through all of us, will you get carried away or notice, it is not you?

As with all experiments, when you have expectations it will impact the outcome. So, can we expect seeing the people in the world to be deeply occupied with being busy?

How will this affect the current situation? Will people having problems with restrictions? Or will those who hold on to trying to control others be busy holding more to control the situation?

For everyone familiar with the teaching of Ra Uru Hu, he shared about a mutation 2027, this channel will be a part of that transformation of background frequency on this planet.

This is why things are breaking apart today. This is why Human Design is the revolution of our time, so valuable to everyone that resonates with accepting the intelligence of the body and the Key to Yourself. The cracks we see today in the world are a part of the mutation, the old structure breaking apart because it no longer will serve us in the future.

This change will be a great challenge for many, it might be for you, your friends, family, and the people in your community. Remember, life will take care when you let go and surrender to the form. Honor your Strategy and Authority.

If you know your truth, you can guide others with awareness. Things will change but life continues, and it is beautiful and absolutely incredible being alive when you accept what is!

The greatest gift to ourselves and our future is accepting what is and loving the experience of burning. Decisions out of fear don’t serve anyone. Let us ground ourselves in self-love.

From the ashes, we are here to rise. You are here to flourish and fly, as yourself, as an individual.

The future is deeply selfish, as so will this global conditioned environment be too. And that is all fine. Love yourself.

Author: PaRoxUs
Published: September 4, 2021
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