Heads up for the shifting of our conditioned environment! We will be traveling from waiting and heading towards progress, with the 5th and 35th Gate. With the South Node in the Gate of Fixed pattern – Wating and the North Node in the Gate of Change – Progress.

Now, for progress to take place, waiting is an essential part; we need to establish a proper pattern, so growth and change are possible. And how do we do that? It’s through waiting and honoring our Strategy and Authority. And change can not happen in a vacuum. We are dealing with two collective gates, so this is about shared collective progress, to do something together if it is building the bridge between the gap or entering into something new for the experience.

This change also means that we are moving from a tribal environment with the opposition of the 45 & 26: the Gatherer and the Egoist.

How will this impact us during the pandemic? Will the collective try to fix us into a pattern? Will the drive for change be even stronger? What will the change be about for you? To live a homologized life based on what your mind thinks needs to be changed? Or to surrender to the form through your Strategy and Authority? Here is the introduction to 5.6 that is important to remember: Waiting is never free from pressure, physical or mental, and is often punctuated by the unexpected. The nodes will stay in this opposition until 23rd April 2021.

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