Quarter of Mutation

☀️ Are you ready for transformation? Welcome to the Quarter of Mutation! ?

🗓 5th November 2020 @ 05:22 GMT the Sun shift to the 1st Gate, The Creative – The Gate of Self-Expression, and with that change, we entered into the new quarter. ✨

🧬 The purpose of this quarter is found through Transformation, and the mystical theme is accepting death.

Gates and activation of Quarter of Mutation
Gates and definition for this Quarter

🌟 By looking at the Definition of this quarter, you can understand what this quarter is about — An exploration of your individual need to follow your own convictions. Through doing that, you get to the point of loving being alive in the world, knowing how to behave while you are self-empowered by the sacral power of the universe!

Through loving yourself, you find what you love to do, and it doesn’t matter what others think about that! The mystical aspect of this is that we need to root ourselves in the darkness, ground ourselves in the discomfort of sooner or later needing to face death.

So what do you do with your life? Love yourself! Nothing else matters; you get one ride, and then you get back to your crystal bundle, or not. That is what needs to be accepted. The journey with this vehicle is not forever. But as long as you surrender to the form, you get what is yours, and that is all you will ever need. We are a spiritual entity with a body! The body is not ours, it is our vehicles, and we are not the driver, we are the passenger. ❤️

It is also in this Quarter we have the completion of the year, the end, and the beginning with the new Rave Year when the Sun enters into the 41st Gate. So as much as this quarter is about love being alive in the world, it is also about turning inwards, finding your inner truth, accepting your limitation before you step out in the world.

Keep in mind that the next 16 Gates that the Sun transits through has a Yang first and second line. So we are dealing with a penetrating foundation here. Overview of the quarter:

Overview of the quarter:

The first part of the quarter (Yang, Yang, Yang foundation)Theme of Direction

Godhead: Hades – Face 1

1 – The Creative – The Gate of Self-Expression
43 – Breakthrough – The Gate of Insight
14 – Possession in Great Measure – The Gate of Power Skills
34 – The Power of the Great – The Gate of Power

Godhead: Prometheus – Face 2
9 – The Taming Power of the Small – The Gate of Focus
5 – Waiting – The Gate of Fixed Patterns
26 – The Taming Power of the Great – The Gate of the Egoist
11 – Peace – The Gate of Ideas

The midpoint of the Quarter. (The last part will have a Yang, Yang, Yin foundation)Theme of Love

Godhead: Vishnu – Face 3
10 – Treading – The Gate of the Behavior of the Self
58 – The Joyous – The Gate of Vitality
38 – Opposition – The Gate of the Fighter
54 – The Marrying Maiden – The Gate of Drive

Godhead: The Keepers of the Wheel – Face 4
61 – Inner Truth – The Gate of Mystery
60 – Limitation – The Gate of Acceptance
41 – Decrease – The Gate of Contraction – New Rave Year! 🌍💫☀️
19 – Approach – The Gate of Wanting

We will stay in this quarter until the ? 1st February 2021 @ 21:35

Author: PaRoxUs
Published: November 7, 2020
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