It’s time for supporting the gathering of the egoist!

The Nodes have changed! The North Node changed to the Gate of the Gatherer and South Node to the Gate of the Egoist. Both Gates are in the tribal circuit. So until 15th February 2021, the conditioned environment will have a theme of support.

While we are approaching the emotional mutation, 2027 Not-Self decisions will meet more and more resistance. And dealing with the tribe, we are dealing with bargains regarding supporting each other. Now, if you enter into that incorrectly, like most humans, the bargain will never serve you! And still, if you break that bargain incorrectly, there will be a price you need to pay.

The Gate of the Gatherer is the only throat expression of the tribal circuitry, and on top of the hierarchy, it is the voice of I have, or I don’t have, and it is deeply connected to the materialistic world. The Gate of the Gatherer is the queen/king here to rule by educating the other and distributing what it has fairly.

Bellow the Throat, in the Heart center, we have the Gate of the Egoist, the big ego, so here we go – 26th are the best, they are! Nothing triumph a big healthy ego that knows how to transmit! That knows how to get that message across, and that also finds a way to work less through being more efficient and earn more doing so! The tribe needs big healthy egos! And big healthy egos need to rest.

Both the 45th and 26th have a privileged position compared to the tribal gates below, so how will this play out in the Not-Self world?! Only time will tell!

With the change of the Nodes, the conditioning of the Channel of Openness is over. The North Node connected to Neptune in the 22nd Gate while transiting the 12th Gate. Did you experience a melancholic environment in the last months? Did you observe any new social forms emerge? What about that presidential debate?!

Also, a heads up for the Earth transiting through the 21st Gate creating a global conditioning theme of The Channel of Money until 7th October 2020 @ 22:58 UTC.

Feel welcome to share your observations with us!

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