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I'Ching Hexagram 37 - The Family

37 – The Gate of Friendship

The manifestation macro- and micro-cosmically of the organic nature of communities.

Description of Gate 37

The quality for openness towards the other to emotionally connect.

We find this Gate in the Solar Plexus that is a emotional awareness center, and this Gate is a part of the Ego Tribal Circuit.

The Ego Tribal circuit is all about support, that is mutual support. Because this Gate is emotional, the energy to support will always be impacted by the emotional wave.

If this Gate is in a defined Solar Plexus Center or Open determines how fast this support will possible be available for the other.

What is expected in return is not something you can’t buy for the money. Instead, a seat by the dinner table, friendship, massage, lovemaking, or a meal is what is returned. Remember, the Solar Plexus is about passion and so is this Gate.

This is a Gate about bounding with the other, it needs support and has the quality to manage the distribution of services. When it comes to bounding that is rooted in bargains. As in marriage, business or friendship. You do this, I give you that. Or I get this and I do this for you. We all are friends, let’s do this together.

Remember, once again, the support is rooted in a tribal emotional wave. And that wave will rise and fall. Operating correctly is the only guarantee that the support you offer and receive will be correct so you don’t end up with bargains that is unhealthy for you.

This Gate is a part of the Channel of Community, and the Harmonic Gate is also the Opposite Gate in the Rave Mandala Wheel. What that means is that whenever the Sun or Earth or any of the Nodes activates this Gate the whole channel will always be activated.

And at this moment in time, until 15 February 2027, this Gate will also be a part of the Global background frequency. After that moment the will to support the communities will drop drastically.

The support for the family and community is rooted in the need that also will disappear in the future.

Still, this Gate will remain in our chart although the support for the family and friendship will look different in the future.

Human Design Gate 37 – The Gate of Friendship

Human Design Gate 37 - The Gate of Friendship


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