Are you ready to fulfill your purpose through bonding?!

So much about being human is about our relationship with the other. Through this Quarter, our purpose is fulfilled through having an intimate, secure relationship with the other and bond.

It is in this Quarter we find the generating power to make more, to mate and reproduce, and the ability to discover what happens when you say yes to life and succeeding where others fail, or not. To surrender to life bring you where you need to be and good fortune that may be perceived as the result of serendipity but derives from effort and dedication.

We also find the answers here, they might not be true, but still, we find the answers, what didn’t work in the past, or why things turned out like this or that, or what worked?

Thanks to Human Design, you can make decisions that bring you success, that make you satisfied, surprise you and brings peace to your life. Throughout time, you will recognize what works regarding your relationship with the other. Without that bond there is no mutation of life, no initiation, and no civilization, everything is rooted in the secure and intimate bonding with the other.

Observe the movie, and love yourself!

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