Although the door is closing, there is still time to enter, are you in the mode?

The Channel of Openness is the only manifesting channel in the individual knowing circuit. Through that channel, feelings and passion can be manifested and empower people to be more social – ultimately bringing a new social form to this world! Because this is an individual channel, this conditioning will bring melancholy to the emotional system. Remember, melancholy is the muse for creativity.

With Neptune in the 22nd Gate, what is going on in the Solar Plexus center is hidden behind the veil. But what is clear is that the world is changing now with less than seven years before the mutation 2027. Neptune plays a significant role and is preparing the Solar Plexus center mutation transiting the 22nd Gate.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a signpost of where we are heading and the coming mutation. Things will not go back to normal. And frankly, you should not be worried – because Strategy and Authority will guarantee your survival, although what we are going through can still be a significant challenge.

Since 23rd March 2020, the Nodes have been transiting through one of the oppositions of the Right Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love. With North Node in the 15th Gate – Modesty – The Gate of Extremes and the South Node in the 10th Gate – Treading – The Gate of the Behavior of the Self. Conditioning the global environment to be extreme. Still, while people have known how to behave, the same theme the Sun/Earth brings each Christmas!

And with the change of the Nodes with the North Node moving to the 12th Gate – Standstill – The Gate of Caution and the South Node to the 11th Gate – Peace – The Gate of Ideas 5th August 2020 @ 10:53 UTC we have this long term transit of the Channel of Openness. In the Not-Self world, people will act upon the wave, acting without clarity. Since Neptune stays in the 22nd Gate until 10th May 2021, it will be the change of the Nodes that will bring an end to the long term transit @ 3rd October 2020.

So, will you be observing emotionally melancholy throughout this time? Will we see new social forms emerge? Will we go from ideas regarding this or that to be shared while moving toward standstill and caution before speaking. Or, because this is a duality, people acting based on their ideas and a lack of patience resulting in everything but caution?

Time will tell, observe the movie, and love yourself!

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