3rd May 2020 @ 05:31 GMT the Sun changed to the 2nd Gate – The Receptive – The Gate of Direction of the Self, and with that change, we moved into the Quarter of Civilization.
This Quarter is about manifestation and communication – we find all the Gates in the Throat Center here! And what is the foundation for all of that? The receptive, two Yin lines, that says quite a lot about the nature of manifestation and communication. We are receptive beings, and out of that receptiveness, we can manifest!
After the previous Quarter of Initiation, that this year brought us a pandemic precisely seven years before the rise of the Sleeping Phoenix, the communication and manifestation on a global scale will, of course, be deeply impacted by that. The cracks we are seeing in our civilization won’t disappear, this is the beginning of the end, the turning of the wheel, and a new start on the horizon.
And we do not need to fear this change! Look what we are forced to do now, slow down, retreat and reflect and that is exactly where this Quarter ends, with the 33rd Gate – Retreat – The Gate of Privacy.
In this Quarter, we have the purpose fulfilled through from! Our form is our temple, and through honoring our Strategy and Authority, we allow ourselves to surrender to the awareness of the body – our form, and through that – aligning with our correct trajectory in this life and live a truly fulfilled life.
So, we end up where we started, with the second Gate, second to none, the Gate of the Receptive, what life is truly about, the opening that enables life to flow through. If there were only one, it would be the 2, and therefore we can experience the one, our illusion of separateness.
Love yourself, you are exceptional!
The next Quarter starts on 5th August 2020 @ 05:15.
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