New Rave Week with 57/51

Monday, 08 October 2018 11:17:00 GMT we got a new Rave Week with the Sun/Earth shifting to 57/51 and Right Angle Cross of Penetration.

With the Sun shifting from the 48th Gate of Depth to the 57th Gate of Intuitive Clarity we move away from the potential solution of a collective problem to an individual intuitive awareness of what is safe or not.

The 57th Gate is a part of the Integration Channels that gives us humans our extraordinary ability to survive in the world; this is not about share or support, it is necessary not even about empowering others, it is a deep self-empowered gate that governs the survival of the individual in the now.

The 57th Hexagram is a Splenic Gate, keynoted as “The extraordinary power of clarity” but keep in mind; the Spleen is not a motor. This intuition only works moment by moment; if you are not present in the moment it is easy to miss the signal, and it won’t repeat itself.

The grounding this week we get from the Earth in the 51st Hexagram, The Gate of Shock. The 51st Hexagram is also an individual gate, and we find the 51st Gate in the Heart Center. The Keynote is “The ability to respond to disorder and shock through recognition and adaptation.” So we got a Rave Week only with individual activations by the Sun/Earth, with the extraordinary power of clarity in through intuitive awareness that is integrated to empower our survival in the world, grounded with the ability to respond to disorder and shock through recognition and adaptation.

These two Gates was part of the Incarnation Cross of Ra Uru Hu, but with the Sun/Earth in opposition to this position, he had his personality Sun in the 51.5 and his Earth in 57.5. Look at how he empowered people through shocking them, grounded by his intuition in the now. The picture this week is a tribute to what he used to state, ”Melancholy is the muse for creativity.”

Now, this is for you to observe, are you feeling melancholic? Don’t try to avoid the feeling, just let it be and watch what comes out of that. For your decision making, experiment with your Strategy and Authority!

For checking the Just Now chart, go to, not a member yet? Sign up, it is for free!

Author: PaRoxUs
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Published: October 8, 2018
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