Personal Session


With this session, firstly, and most importantly, we help you recognize what is reliable within yourself. In other words, what you can trust! Secondly, how you are here to meet life as yourself. Therefore minimize the resistance and align with your purpose in life. Thirdly, we will help you recognize where you take in others - what you can't trust. In conclusion, we will introduce you to the essence of your unique design. And support you in making decisions as yourself. Above all, Experimenting with your unique design is a life-changing experience!
What is covered:
  • Introduction to the map (the BodyGraph).
  • What you identify with and your unconscious parts. (Personality and Design).
  • How your aura mechanically operates. (Your Type).
  • What creates resistance in your life. (Not-Self).
  • How to make decisions. (Strategy and Authority).
  • What you can trust within yourself. (Your Definition, Channels, and Gates).
  • Your role in life (Profile).
  • Where you meet the other and have the potential to become wise. (Your Openness).
  • Your BodyGraph.
  • Recording of the session.
  • 20 minutes of Q&A.