Detailed Chart Reading

From: 249,00

Introduction reading of your holistic being. 

You will learn:

    • Where you take in life and how that can pull you away from your truth and condition you to make incorrect decisions.
    • What is reliable inside of you and what you can always trust in any situation?
    • How you are designed to meet life and interact with others.
    • How you honor what is true for you and live life as yourself and minimize the resistance in your life.
    • How you make reliable decisions that empower you!

About PaRoxUs

Paroxus has 14 years of experience experimenting and embodying his design as a 5/1 Reflector. He is one of the first Reflectors going through a radical deconditioning and transformation process and is said to be one of the voices of Human Design in the future.
PaRoxUs was the lead developer of myBodyGraph and has contributed with innovative practical solutions that have changed the way the information of Human Design is presented and how the planets impact us.
With the same profile, cognition, and motivation as the messenger of Human Design, PaRoxUs is here to empower you in a sustainable direction for the future, with his transpersonal qualities and sensitive approach support your needs and guide you with the help of his experience.
He has the details that are needed for the final time until the door is closing and can share his desire to initiate you into a new experience of feelings being alive as yourself!

From: 249,00

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