Loving & Living Your Design

Join us on the next ”Loving & Living Your Design” online class.

“Loving & Living Your Design” is the first and most important class to take when starting your journey of self-discovery with the Human Design System.

This cellular transformation class is designed to support you in your experimentation and de-conditioning process, and it sets the foundation for everything that will follow. 

We will have a more in-depth look at your design, what is reliable within yourself, and where you get conditioned by others. You will be able to see how you can let go of old patterns to limit the resistance in your life. Weekly tasks will support you to incorporate the knowledge of your design into your daily life more and more.

Unlock the full potential of your DNA, start the journey, and find out what works for YOU!

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• Recording of sessions and study material
• Reflection of your journey: Follow-up group session three months after completion of the course

💫 8-week Online Workshop – 8 classes each 1.5 hours
🗓 Sundays 15:00 GMT: 16th February – 5th April 2020

Loving & Living Your Design

➡ Price: 348€
❗️The number of participants for the event is limited.


Recommended course material:

 Living Your Design book

You will learn about

  • The basic concept of Human Design, a brief history lesson of our evolution as humans, and the construct of the BodyGraph.
  • The four Types
    For each type:
    • How the aura mechanically works.
    • Not-Self – the theme of resistance.
    • Strategy – how to honor and benefit from the mechanics of your aura.
    • Signature – the potential of each type.
  • The nine Centers in detail, how they operate if they are Defined or Open.
  • Definitions – how you are designed to process information.
  • Authorities – how to determine what is correct for you.

Timing is everything!

This class will start almost precisely seven years ahead of a major change for humanity, which, according to Ra Uru Hu – the messenger of the Human Design System – will take place 14th of February 2027. As a part of the change, the focus of humankind will shift from supporting each other through community to being self-observed within our own process in the now.
We live in challenging times, and the current global events may seem and look scary. Human Design empowers us to trust ourselves and shows us that we do not need to worry about our survival. In times of chaos, we still can live a life NOT being run by fear and full of love for ourselves.

About the hosts

Kezia Kraus and Pontus Karlsson meet each other on 10th October 2010 on the first Reflector Retreat ever hosted. They are both born on the 1st of February 1984, around 9 hours apart as 5/1 Reflectors on the Left Angle Cross of Refinement.

They are probably the first couple in the world of Human Design that has no activated Centers together. That gives them an extraordinary ability to take in and guide others based on the wisdom that arises through their openness.

Besides working with the Human Design System, Kezia has a professional background in hosting workshops, holding the space for transformation, and is working in the field of personal growth and health. And Pontus is an application developer and was the leading developer of myBodyGraph.com, the worlds´ largest online Human Design software, and is the innovator of the world’s most advanced Transit Tool.

Together they have almost 20 years of experience experimenting and living their design. Both have been supporting others in their process of self-discovery with the Human Design System since 2011.

They live near Stockholm and are raising their son according to his design, a 1/3 Manifesting Generator on the Right Angle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, born 19th February 2015.

Kezia Kraus

Kezia Kraus

Certified Living Your Design Guide

Born 1st February 1984 20:10 in Düsseldorf, Germany, as a 5/1 Reflector on the Left Angle Cross of Refinement.

Kezia Kraus' BodyGraph

Pontus Karlsson

Pontus Karlsson

Certified Living Your Design Guide

Born 1st February 1984 11:18 in Nacka, Sweden, as a 5/1 Reflector on the Left Angle Cross of Refinement.

Pontus Karlsson's BodyGraph

Loving & Living Your Design