Observing the Transits


While we are traveling through space and time, billions and billions of neutrinos are passing through us each second. These neutrinos have a mass, and what that means is that they impact us when they pass through our bodies. The neutrino field carries information from the planets. Thanks to Human Design, we can read and understand how we get impacted each moment by the planetary program. Knowing how you get impacted by the neutrino ocean and the planetary program is of great value! It helps you recognize how you are conditioned and what energies distracts you from what you actually can trust - your definition.
This Session will support you to start observing the planetary transits!
  • Recording of session
  • Ephemeris for the next three months
  • Planetary Overview
  • Rave Mandala with Harmonic Gates
  • Rave Manala wheel table (Also known as Moon cycle chart)