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Free Human Design session


Meet Paroxus

This service is for you who:

  • Want to hear what Paroxus can help you with.
  • Want to meet in person before you book a session or program.
  • Want to know how it feels to meet a self-empowered Reflector.
  • Want to get recommended what service to pick.
  • What to ask questions about Human Design.

Select a date and time that works for you and book this 20 minutes free Human Design today!

Paroxus has 14 years of experience experimenting and embodying his design as a 5/1 Reflector. He is one of the first Reflectors in the world going through a radical deconditioning and transformation process and is said to be one of the voices of Human Design in the future. As a Reflector, he is here to recognize and embrace your uniqueness and gifted with the quality to see what you need to help with to be more self-aware, self-empowered, and filled with self-love.


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Unfortunately, no new bookings are available until the end of August.

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