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Human Design - The G Center

Loving & Living Your Design

Online class

Are you ready to transform your life?

This cellular transformation program is designed to support you in your experimentation with your design and deconditioning process.

Ultimately, empowering you in a sustainable direction, living a life with less resistance, more awareness, and being self-empowered by self-love.  

"Loving & Living Your Design" is the first and most important program to take when starting your journey of self-discovery with the Human Design System.


Join our ”Loving & Living Your Design”.

🧬 10-week Online Workshop — 21 classes 🌟 approximately 60min each

🗓 28th September — 2nd December 2021 @ 16:30 GMT*

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* After the wintertime change Sunday, 31 October the class time changes to 17:30 GMT
The foundation of this program is you and your uniqueness, thus we will explore the most important aspects of your design. We will look at what challenges you the most in your life — your conditioning, which distracts you from yourself. Living out your conditioning leads to resistance and pain.
You will learn how observation can help you to master your mind and how it can become your best ally — freeing yourself by letting go of living the conditioning. Our desire is to support you in recognizing what to observe through your openness, and empower you to live out your unique design through honoring your own truth.
This is not a program that focuses on all the details in Human Design but the essential and most important aspects that ensure that you can embody the knowledge and live your design without getting lost in the information.
In this Loving & Living your Design program we will teach you the fundamental aspects of Human Design and go through the most significant mechanisms there are to know in life. Most importantly is that this program is designed to support you in your experimentation, helping you to apply the knowledge into your life.
Our goal is to give you a foundation that you can stand on for the rest of your life while loving and living your design. Since Human Design is a science, you need to be ready to experiment to find out for yourself. What is true for you?

This program is suitable for both newcomers and people who have been experimenting with their designs for a while.

Program details

🧬 2021's 10-week Online Program
🌟 21 classes approximately 60min each

Last program:
🗓 Tuesdays 16:30 GMT*: 28th September — 30th November
🗓 Thursdays 16:30 GMT*: 30th September — 2nd December

Do you want to join our program in 2022? Book now to reserve your seat or sign up on our newsletter to get a notification when the next program starts.

🍀 Price: €1.150,00 €999

We will spend two days a week together for a duration of ten weeks.
This time will give you the foundation you need to be self-empowered and leave the program with the most important gift you can give to yourself, the gift of self-acceptance and love.
Our program is divided into two parts. One part is dedicated to teaching the system and the other is to support you to integrate the knowledge into your life and recognize what makes you unique.
Tuesday's classes are dedicated to exchanging our experiences of living one’s design. This is when you get the chance to share your observations and where we can support and empower you individually!
Thursday's we are going to present the different aspects of Human Design and how the mechanics work. At the end of each class, we will present the “homework” for each week - what to observe until next week. Each teaching class ends with “homework” aka “Explorework” for each week. This Explorework includes e.g. observation practices helping you to embody the knowledge.

You will learn about

The History of Human Design and the evolution of our consciousness. 

Understanding the mechanics of our past and the impact it still has on us today. Becoming aware of this helps us recognize what is important to let go of, honor and observe today. We will introduce Ra Uru Hu, the messenger of the Human Design System, and share about the mutation in 2027. This knowledge will help you recognize what is happening in our civilization today and how it affects you.

The 9 Centers — the different types of centers and how they function.

Our long experience observing the centers in action is a huge part of this segment, and we will go through all the centers in-depth with you. The difference between defined and open centers. The Not-Self of each center, the unhealthy and healthy states of both the defined and open centers. The potential wisdom you can gain from your openness and an introduction to all the Gates in each Center.
Human Design Types

The 4 Types — how you meet life, honor yourself and others.

You will learn how to determine the Human Design Types and how each aura is experienced and designed to operate in this world. There is a fundamental difference between each type and honoring your specific aura is the first pillar of Human Design — the Strategy — this is the first step in limiting the resistance in life and starting to live out your uniqueness.

The 5 Definitions — how information moves through you.

Your definition determines how you process information internally. If you are designed to be independent, need close relationships to process what you are going through, or a public space.
Human Design Authorities

The 7 Authorities — how you know what is true for you.

This is the second pillar of Human Design. Your authority is what you can trust regarding your decisions, and it guides you to know what is correct for YOU! Knowing the authority of the people in your life is also of great value since it makes it possible for you to support them to reconnect to their truth. Ultimately we are all here to live out our own truth.


The RaveMandala — a Journey through the Wheel

Human Design - The Rave Mandala

This bonus class is a journey through the RaveMandla wheel, looking at the Gates and Centers and how they condition you when a planet temporarily activates them. This class is specially designed to help the Reflector understand how their Lunar Cycle impacts them. But knowing and observing how you get conditioned by the transits can benefit all Types!

This class sets the foundation for you to observe how the Moon impacts your design each month and what to observe during each lunar cycle. We will also look at how the year is divided into quarters and how you are impacted by the Sun’s and Earth’s movement each year.


Each participant will get future access to the Lunar Cycle feature @ The Key to Yourself. An automated and interactive table with all the gates of the RaveMandala wheel together with your design.


Workbook — to help you integrate Human Design into your daily life.

This digital workbook is designed to make the integration of the Human Design knowledge easier. It will also assist you to learn about your design and all of your open and defined centers, how they operate in an unhealthy and healthy state. It will encourage you to take notes, write down your observations, and process of becoming more self-aware of your conditioning and your own truth.

You will get empty BodyGraphs to fill in, to learn and play with. This can be of great benefit when learning and feeling into your design and the design of your family and friends. It sets the foundation for you to observe how they condition you and how you impact them.

* The workbook is provided in a PDF easy for you to print out at home. Each section of the workbook will be available each Thursday for you to work with throughout the week until the next class on Tuesday.

New and refined BodyGraph! 

We are proud to present the most refined graphics on the market of Human Design. Fully scalable, layer by layer graphic that makes it possible for us to strip down the complexity of the BodyGraph. 
This makes it easy for us to highlight and zoom in the covered component of the BodyGraph while keeping the sharpness!
Human Design BodyGraph graphic showcase

Beautiful presentations

We use one of the best and most advanced presentation software on the market that we present on the video teaching platform Zoom. Combined with the refined BodyGraph graphics we can provide a beautiful experience and presentation of the incredible knowledge that we teach and guide you through.
The program will be held online on Zoom. Each class will be available to download from a protected student area on our site.

Do you want to join us on this journey?

About the hosts

Paroxus and Kezia from The Key to Yourself

The Key to Yourself is run by Pontus and Kezia, two 5/1 Reflectors both born 1st February 1984 but 9 hours apart. They share over 25 years of experience living, experimenting, and observing their design.

They are both grounded in their intuitive, sensitive and receptive nature and here to shine through their creative spark and empower you with the beauty of aligning with yourself.

With their long experience, they can share their discoveries and reflections from living and experimenting as individuals, as a couple for 11 years, and as parents raising their son, a Manifesting Generator according to his design.

Throughout their journey together they have gained wisdom on how to live an authentic life and how to support each other and others. They are here to support your needs and empower you with a sustainable and correct direction.

Kezia and Pontus can support you to rise up materially as yourself while living a life with purpose. They share a stimulation to correct what has been spoiled in your life and are here to help you establish the values that are needed to preserve the most sacred in life.

They have an intuition for handling the challenge that arises from the ego and needs to be recognized as an ally in the process of surrendering.

Kezia and Pontus know deeply that there is no growth without friction, but through their awareness of how to handle conflicts correctly, they can support you to accept and approach the conflicts in your life as yourself and grow from the experience.

Through their routines, they have established attention to the details that they share with you.

Ultimately, they are here to bring a new heresy that empowers you to know how to behave in the world while loving being alive.

Together, they have the harmonic balance of innocence and desire. Kezia being deeply connected to her feelings can tune into the most subtle aspects that need to be looked at, while Pontus has a calm approach where he, step by step, can describe what you need to grasp.

Both Kezia and Pontus love to support people dedicated to their experiments and are passionate about sharing the embodied knowledge and wisdom they have gained through their long-time loving and living their design.

“Human Design is everything you will ever need. It gives you your unique blueprint and a strategy on how to navigate through life. While the language might be a little bit confusing in the beginning and the first hard thing to learn is to wait, to wait for life to come to you, it all becomes clearer with time.
You will learn the language, you will start to understand your blueprint and mechanics and you will see that the basics of Human Design – following your Strategy & Authority – is very simple. Not always easy, but simple.

My Human Design journey is so beautiful! HD gives me peace, so much joy and lots of surprises – the best that can happen to a Reflector 😃.
And I appreciate that Pontus & Kezia and their amazing LYD class are being part of it. They created a comfy and happy atmosphere for us participants. Their classroom felt like a safe and welcoming place to share my experiences and observations.
Pontus has a lot of humour and shared a lot of personal stories as good examples on how the Centers affect us.
Kezia is very straight and knows how to keep the focus in class in between all the stories and sharings.
Together they are funny, refreshing, they use simple words and experiences to explain the basics of Human Design and their Reflector Auras feel so grounding and soothing.

I really appreciate having „stumbled“ across them. 😊”
1/3 Reflector
“You can FEEL the joy, love and wisdom Kezia and Pontus have about HDS. For me it was very special to attend the course, learning from two different people at the same time and observing their individual approach and experience about HDS, and the experiencing they are sharing together as a family.

learned A LOT, Kezia and Pontus took us on a quite deep journey into the HDS World - even it was the „beginners course“. I learned so much about myself and others. It was very helpful that we could talk about our individual charts in the course and could share our experiences in the group swell. 

Kezia and Pontus shared many helpful examples from daily life, so that the information could sink in on a deeper level and was easy to digest. They also shared so many funny stories and examples, that we often head to laugh about ourselves - which is one of the best steps to healing aka re-deconditioning in my opinion - I felt very seen, safe and there was such a deep appreciation and love for every single one. Thank you!”
3/5 Projector

Are you ready for this?

Loving & Living Your Design course is a journey through your inner life.

Ultimately this program will provide the tools you need to transform your life. It will help you to recognize what creates the most discomfort, pain, and resistance in your life. Joining this program will empower you to honor your truth, observe your mind, and make correct self-empowered decisions!

Pontus & Kezia are here to support you to recognize your needs and live a life self-fulfilled with greater life quality. Being more comfortable in your own skin, feeling fulfilled, and living your life filled with purpose.

Deconditioning and Loving & Living Your Design is not always easy. In fact, it can be a great challenge at times. But through honoring the intelligence of your body you can meet those challenges as yourself. You no longer need to deal with anger, frustration, bitterness, and disappointment as dominating themes in your life.

There is no greater gift you can give to yourself. If you are ready, this course will reward you for the rest of your life!

In this moment of our time, when the world around us is changing and civilization is breaking apart, there hasn’t been a more important moment to stand in your own truth than now - for yourself and the people you meet in life.

We offer a full* money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course. You are eligible for full reimbursement until the end of week one of the program. After the first course week, you are no longer eligible and won't be able to receive a refund.
* Transaction fees and exchange rates are not covered in the refund.

We are not here to act out of fear, we do not need to save the world and we do not need to worry about our survival. Life is here to provide us with everything we need and to nourish us so we can grow thriving as ourselves.

If you resonate with this, if it feels correct for you, don’t miss this opportunity!

This is The Key to Yourself, are you ready to unlock your full potential in life?

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Do you have any questions?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a logical system but the experience of living one's design goes beyond the form and brings you a deeper and more meaningful spiritual purpose for your life. A purpose that is supported by the natural laws of the universe where you attract everything that is correct for you. You don’t need to look for your purpose, it will find you - when you operate correctly.

You are her to live life on your own terms and grow as yourself through that process. Life is here to nurture you and unfolds in harmony with your true nature. It is through surrendering to your form that you can experience the freedom and joy of being you - balanced as yourself and radiate self-love into every area of your life.

The power of attraction is rooted in waiting. You are here to get what you need for your journey in this life. You do not need to mentally control life or figure out what to do with it, when waiting, your purpose unfolds and you get what you are here to get - your life, lived on your own terms.

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