Personal Karma

  • 1/3 - Investigating / Martyr
  • 1/3 - Investigating / Opportunist
  • 2/4 - Hermit / Opportunist
  • 2/5 - Hermit / Heretic
  • 3/5 - Martyr / Heretic
  • 3/6 - Martyr / Role Model
  • 4/6 - Opportunist /Role Model

Fixed Karma

  • 4/6 - Opportunist / Role Model

Transpersonal Karma

  • 5/1 - Heretic / Investigator
  • 5/2 - Heretic / Hermit
  • 6/2 - Role Model / Hermit
  • 6/3 - Role Model / Martyr

Introduction to the Human Design Profiles

The Profile in Human Design refers to the general characteristics of how the Type is lived out. All Types operate very differently, but the Profile is a bridge between the Types since the Profile is not Type related.

Mechanically the Type arrives from the Sun / Earth Personality and Design positions, more precisely from the line that the Sun / Earth activates in the Gate on both the Personality and Design side. In the RaveMandala the difference between the Sun / Earth Personality and Design is exactly 88 degrees, that is in fact how the Design is calculated from birth. What that means is that we get a variation between the two sides. For example, when the Personality Sun enters into the 1st Line, the Design is in the 3rd Line, and when the Personality Sun enters into the 2nd Line the Design Sun is in the Second Line. With a 90 degree separation of the two aspects of us there would be only 6 Profiles and basically no genetic variation.
Human Design - RaveMandala - The 88 degrees between the Personality and Design

Understanding the essential

To really understand your Profile you need to understand the two aspects of you, your Personality and Your Design since the first number is how you experience your Personality and the second how your Design is lived out.

Look at your profile, how is your Personality experienced?

Do you have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th or 6th Line first in your Profile?

The first line

I'Ching Hexagram Line 1

The first line is about the investigation, it goes from insecurity to security regarding its foundation, and it needs a strong foundation to stand on to feel secure. The first line is deeply introspective, it does not see beyond what it is investigating. Ultimately the first lines are here to be strong authorities when they have established a strong foundation to stand on.

The second line

I'Ching Hexagram Line 2

The second line is the natural, second line lives out the quality of the gate without even being aware of it. Second line people are doing their own thing without needing to investigate how to do it. Now the second line is also a line of projection. And people look at what they are doing, recognize their natural talent and projects that they can do this or that. As a result, the 2nd Line tends to hide often to protect themselves and that's why it's also referred to as the hermit.

The third line

I'Ching Hexagram Line 3

The third line learns through discovering what does not work. The theme of the third line is trial and error and they need to dare to try things out. Sooner or later they can discover something that is truly valuable for them and others and that can become very profitable. The third line has no transpersonal quality and needs to adapt to what works. When they do they can be very successful in life as a result of experimentation and observation of what works. Bounds made and broken will always be a theme of the third line.

The fourth line

I'Ching Hexagram Line 4

The fourth line is a part of the upper hexagram, what that means is that we finally reached the potential to recognize the other. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are self-centered and busy with their own process. The 4th Line is the opportunist, the one dependent on their relationships and they need their network for new opportunities. The fourth line needs to nurse its network since it is dependent on its connection to make new connections. The recommendation for the 4th line is to never break a connection before it has a new one that can replace it.

The fifth line

I'Ching Hexagram Line 4

The fifth line is about universalization. It has the capacity to reach out to a larger audience and bring a practical solution that helps people in times of crisis. Now, as the second line is about projection, so is the 5th. But compared to the second line, which is completely transparent regarding who they are, the fifth line is never really seen. Because of how the projection field works for the fifth line, people project that they can be saved by the fifth line. They project this or that about the fifth line but it has nothing to do with what the fifth line is about, since no one can really see it!
If the fifth line falls for the projection and steps out and tries to deliver without it being correct, they will not succeed - because it has nothing to do with who they really are.

As a result, they break the trust of the other, and the projection becomes negative. Not only that, the other will talk to their friends about how you can not trust that fifth line!

The fifth line needs to stand in the wings and wait for the right moment, and when correct, step out and deliver a practical solution that helps people. Eventually, fifth lines get their time in the spotlight, and if they deliver their reputation growth.

The sixth line

The sixth line is the role model. Now, no one is born as one. For the sixth line to get to that place it needs to go through a lifelong process of gaining experience and developing its seeing. The sixth line starts as a third line process, with finding out what doesn’t work through trial and error. Somewhere around the age of 28 the sixth line moves up on the roof and gets distance from the world around it. It sits on the roof looking down and observing what is going on until around 50 when it’s time to step down and integrate with the world again as a role model, being an example in the world. While the fifth line steps out and makes their message heard, the sixth line goes on living their life as role models and needs to be approached to share their wisdom.

When we look at the Design side of the Profile, all those lines have the same quality, but they are unconscious! Now, it is the body that lives the life, so that means that it is the Design that needs to be honored so the Personality can be realized at its full potential. That means that the only way to truly reach a point of security, natural talent, discovery, building the correct network, universalization, or becoming a role model is rooted in honoring your Strategy and Authority.

Personal Karma

Only Projectors and Manifestors can have the ego authority. It is the authority if the being has an open Solar Plexus, Sacral and Splenic Center and a Defined Heart Center.

Fixed Karma

Only Projectors and Manifestors can have the ego authority. It is the authority if the being has an open Solar Plexus, Sacral and Splenic Center and a Defined Heart Center.

Transpersonal Karma

Only projectors can have this authority. It is the authority if the being has an open Solar Plexus, Sacral, Spleen, Heart and G Center and a Defined Ajna Center, connected to the Throat Center or/and the Head Center.

Being that has this authority need to speak to others that they trust to hear what they have to say regarding the invitation they got.

Frequently Asked Questions

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