Human Design Introduction

What is Human Design?

Human Design is the world's most precise and powerful self-discovery tool that guides you to live life self-empowered on your terms — as your own authority.

Never before has there been a tool available as Human Design. It is an extraordinary revolution that allows you to experience self-reflected consciousness like never before.

Human Design is a logical system that describes how humans mechanically operate and helps us embrace the human body's intelligence.

Human Design helps you navigate this life without losing yourself in the world by showing what you can trust within yourself and how you take in and get conditioned by the other.

Ultimately this tool is to embrace the unique qualities of our children, so they can thrive living a life self-empowered!

Human Design teaches us that we are enough as we are. We do not need to look for the other to complete us. You do not need to change or improve yourself since you are already perfect as you are! You might just not have realized it yet.

Human Design gives us a map, a so-called BodyGraph that makes it possible to read our unique way of meeting life. Thanks to the BodyGraph, we can see what we trust within ourselves and where we meet the other.

What is the BodyGraph?

The BodyGraph shows us our inner life, and Human Design gives us a language that describes the mechanics of our being and how our body operates.

Human Design gives us a new way of understanding ourselves, our conscious and unconscious aspects, each other, and empowers us to face all the challenges that come with life as ourselves.

Because Human Design is a logical system, it is easy to understand. 

To give you one example:

There are 9-centers in the BodyGraph.

A center can be defined or open.

If a center is defined, it is fixed and reliable. 

The life forces that defines you

Human Design - The BodyGraph - Defined Centers through activated Gates in a Channel

The centers are connected through Channels and on each side of a channel, connected to the Center we have a Gate. To know if a Gate is activated we transfer two sets of planetary data to the BodyGraph. One aspect illustrated in black that represents our personality — the conscious aspect of us that we identify with at the moment. And one aspect in red that represents our body — the unconscious aspect of us that we don’t identify with at the moment. If both Gates in a Channel are activated we have a definition!

Your defined centers are what you bring everywhere you go until the day you die. It can be an emotional wave, frustrated or satisfied energy, a specific way of dealing with pressure, a particular vibration of love, identity, or/and a fixed way of acting or/and talking. 

What is defined is fixed within you and can be trusted to operate in a specific way. You are here to live out your definition!

The greatest challenge in our life

Now, the greatest challenge in life comes with your openness and, specifically, your Open Centers. An Open Center is an aspect in life that you don’t have a fixed way of dealing with, and the tendency is to look out in the world and think that you need to have that quality to be complete as a being. 

An open center can never be fixed or reliable and can not be trusted since it will never operate consistently. It is where you meet and take in the other.

Now, our openness can be our most significant source of wisdom, but to get to that place, we need to stop acting out of the conditioning we take in from the other.

So only through knowing the 9-centers function and if they are defined or open tells us a lot about how a being operates. It is one of the most important aspects to know in life about yourself and your family, co-workers and friends.

One more thing to understand about open centers. They amplify the definition they take in from the other. That means that you can feel the other stronger than yourself. As a result, if you don't know what to trust, it is very easy to think that what you take in is yours. And remember, the mind looks at your openness and thinks that you need that quality! If you identify with what you take in, you end up living that out, and then you live something that has nothing to do with you!

You need to know what you can trust within yourself, so you can make reliable decisions that are not conditioned by the other! So, how do we learn that?

The pillars of Human Design

Human Design stands on two pillars that are called Strategy and Authority. 

Through experimenting with your Strategy and Authority, you start to align with who you are and let go of acting out of your openness.

Thanks to the Strategy and Authority, you can find out for yourself, what is true for you? You do not need to believe in anything but can experiment and observe; what is true for you?

Human Design is the science of differentiation. And as the foundation of science is experimentation and observation, we can’t stress enough the importance of starting experimenting with your Strategy and Authority for your decision-making.

Through correct decision-making, you get what is here for you! You get to live out your life! And you no longer need to meet frustration, bitterness, anger and disappointment as a dominating theme in your life.

You are not here to be frustrated, bitter, angry or disappointed as a dominant theme of your life! Those themes are signposts that you are doing it wrong!

Now you have the opportunity to experience your life with a dominant theme of satisfaction, recognition, peace and surprises! Are you ready to experiment?

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