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Quarter of Initiation

Are you ready to surrender to the intelligence of your body? Don’t use your mind to make decisions! Through honoring your Strategy and Authority, your mind can finally thrive and reach its full potential as an outer authority for the other.

Keep that in mind when we enter into this Quarter of Initiation, where your purpose is fulfilled through the mind! The mystical theme of this Quarter is the witness returns.

The Quarter started 1st February 2021 @ 21:34 GMT, when the Sun shifted to the 13th Gate, The Fellowship of Man — The Gate of the Listener.

After the transit through the 13th Gate, we have 4 Gates in the Solar Plexus that the Sun will transit. After that, we have a short break with a mental pressure Gate before continuing our journey through the emotional system with two more Gates. The Sun will transit through 6 of 7 Gates in the Solar Plexus before the underlying theme shifts from direction to love!

Whenever an open center in your design gets conditioned, it is of great value to observe how it impacts you! So, this journey through the emotional system is an opportunity for everyone with an open Solar Plexus to observe and experience emotional conditioning and if you are getting carried away with the wave and its chemistry. Remember, emotional decisions are only for people with a Defined Solar Plexus!

Author: PaRoxUs
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Published: February 1, 2021
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